Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Update

Here are a few pictures of some things we have been up to this weekend.
First, Mr. Ross' Retirement Party! Mr. Ross is our janitor and we just love him. He is just the greatest guy and takes such good care of all of the teachers. More than just cleaning our rooms too, he is always helping with the kids, bringing the teachers chocolate when we need it most, and just being a friend. I will never forget when he walked my kids to PE for me because I was huge and pregnant and it was icy outside.
He plans to do a lot of traveling to Arkansas to see his kids and grandkids when he retires so his cake and gift were both themed for his travels.
Ryan and Hudson came to the party too! It was fun to get all the teachers together and it was so cool to see Mr. Ross so surprised. He really had NO idea what was coming for him! He was in tears and couldn't say thank you enough, but really we are the ones who owe him the thank yous. He will be missed!
Today we have spent most of the day with Ryan's family and tonight we went to Cassie's recital. She did a great job and Hudson was a good baby while attending his first recital. He slept through most of it and when he woke up towards the end he was pretty ready to move and talk so we snuck to the back room so he wouldn't be disruptive.
He was one happy boy for the family. He got lots of extra love tonight and I think he really enjoyed it. Now he is ready for his Mae Mae love tomorrow!
Anyone else notice that his hair is thinning out? I'm curious to see what's going to happen!

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