Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Graduation, A Party and A Wedding!

This has been a crazy weekend!
It all started Friday with my last hours of school and then that night with Abby's graduation!
The Class of 2010!
The baby of the family has graduated! It's kind of hard to believe!
But she's got lots of great things ahead of her and we are all proud of all she has done!
She's got a lot of people that love her and are so proud of where she is headed!
We celebrated Saturday afternoon with a party! I love this cake! Super adorable!
Then I headed off to this beautiful girl's wedding! So happy for Ann Louise!
Sunday we celebrated the graduates from Silver Creek!
Jon graduates in August and Ryan and Abby graduated this month!
Sunday afternoon we did some crafting.
And hung out with this cool kid. This is my cousin Connar. He rocks at wrestling. And he's very brave. Brave enough to jump to our cold swimming pool. Freezing.
Hudson had a great weekend too. He got loved on lots and he actually took some naps, something that usually doesn't happen when we are around so many people.
Now we get to spend our summer together! I'm so happy to get more time with my sweet boy!

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