Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas "Things"

We've been busy with lots of "things." I say that with emphasis because I don't want these to take away from the meaning of the season.
This is Hud before his Christmas program at school. 
He's our little observer, he spent most of the time checking out the audience.
 He did do the motions to the songs, but I never saw his mouth move. 
We attended Cookies with Santa and again Hud told Santa he wants a slinky dog. Thank goodness we have that secured and Santa WILL be delivering this year :)
Hayden made this debut as baby Jesus in the children's program. He was wide eyed and watching his mommy the whole time.
And Hudson sang some songs for the church too. I mean he stood there and made his serious face and did some of the song motions. Anyway, in all of these "things" I hope we are pointing to sharing one thing-Jesus, the real reason for this jolly season. We've been talking about Jesus' birthday (Hudson loves to celebrate birthdays) and reading the story of Bethlehem in Hud's bible.I hope most that he understands that this isn't about Santa and presents (even though that part is fun), but that Jesus was born to die and save the world and live in our hearts. And that without Him, we are nothing in this broken world. I hope you all know that too and have a big celebration planned for the Savior of the world. Don't go through this season just doing "things" for our Savior has come and we need to celebrate :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hayden Greer {one month}

Hayden, I cannot believe you are already a month old!
You have the best facial expressions of any baby I've seen.

I really need to weigh you again. At your two week you were 7lbs 12oz so I'm sure you're well over 8lbs now.

You wear newborn clothes mostly. You can wear some 0-3, but most of them just swallow you.

You started wearing size 1 diapers this week.

You love to be cuddled when you sleep. Mommy tries to swaddle you at night so you sleep better, but you are pretty good at breaking out. You sleep in mommy and daddy's room at night, but during the day we are trying out your bed. You also like to sleep in your swing. You don't have a very consistent sleep schedule yet, but I hope we can figure one out soon! 

You are starting to be awake more during the day, but when you get tired you want your paci and to be rocked to sleep. You do not fall asleep on your own-you want to rock or nurse when you're tired.

You really only cry when you're hungry. Occasionally you cry about other things or fuss when you want to be picked up.

You are a good eater and pretty much eat every two hours on the dot. You are not late! Sometimes at night we get 3 hour stretches, but that isn't consistent yet. You are nursing really well and Saturday you had your first bottle. We mostly did this so we can be a little more on the go. You still seem to be a little confused about why your milk is coming out of a bottle (all 3 that you've had), but eventually you'll get the hang of it.

You have lots of smiles right after you eat. You are making a little bit of noise and it sounds like you say "oh."

Your big brother loves you and one day I will write about how you respond to him. Right now it's the same as everyone else. I probably won't be able to say that forever, but I sure am glad he loves and adores you.

This month has obviously been full of lots of firsts. We are just trying to soak up all of these special moments with you. We've enjoyed every bit of your first month and we can't wait to see what is in store for your second month. Welcome to our world sweet boy and happy one month. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful God chose us to have you!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meeting Santa & Playdates

We met up some some friends at Bass Pro for a little "play date." We really were there to meet Santa...
However, we decided it was the best place to take kids for a play date! They can look at the fish, play 
checkers, test out the tents, shoot the guns, play with all the toys, and the best part is you don't have a messy house when it's over! We even ate dinner there and the boys had a blast!
Our ultimate intent was to meet Santa and thankfully we pulled that off too! Ayden thought he was pretty cool and didn't mind at all. Peyton, however, she did NOT want to meet him.
Hayden could have cared less, someone was holding him and that's all he really cares about.
Hudson, well he worked up to it. When we first got in line he told us that he did not want to see Santa. Hudson is our little worrywart so we calmed him down by telling him that Hayden wanted to see Santa so that's why we were in line. He told us a few more times and thankfully the line was short or he might have lost it. There is a big train display next to the line so he was pretty intent on watching the train so his mind was a little distracted from Santa. When we got up there he watched Santa hold Hayden, but immediately began to lose it because he did NOT want to go. Daddy took him to sit next to Santa and they started talking. Santa offered him candy in exchange for a picture and for some reason he decided that might be ok. He calmed down, but was still a little uptight about the whole thing. After he got off Santa's lap he told him that there was no reason to be scared because he was a nice guy and then they chatted about what Hud wanted for Christmas. This time his answer was a Slinky dog-there is one on a shelf on the way to Santa and he had just picked it up to look at it. He really just wants anything to do with Toy Story right now.
After lots of playing, the big Santa experience, dinner and shopping we hit the road for some Christmas lights. The weather wasn't bad so we decided to get out and walk. It last all of 2.3 seconds. Someone was hungry...But we had just enough time to snap this cute picture before we parted ways with our friends. We will definitely be making another trip back to the lights so Hud can enjoy it more. Needless to say, both boys were crashed out in the back seat the whole way home. And the perfect end to our evening-The Duck Dynasty Christmas episode. Life is good.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hayden Greer {three weeks}

Hayden, here are a few pictures of you during your third week in the world!
You love to cuddle when you sleep! Mommy thinks you are getting spoiled, but it's so hard not to cuddle you when you want to.
We went to mommy's classroom and sweet Suzi held you and rocked you to sleep while mommy got some work done. We also tried to cheer on our Cowboys, but they just couldn't pull it out. We are hoping for a great basketball season!
Probably the most important thing that happened this week is that you got to meet your Gigi. Your Pops was very sad he couldn't come meet you to, but he's waiting for us to come visit. You also got to meet one of your aunts and some cousins and they all loved you. You also went to Ted's for the first time, one of our family favorites!
Your brother loves you more and more.
On your 3 week birthday we had a teacher lunch and all of the teachers enjoyed holding and loving on you. You got lots of kisses and snuggles and you LOVE that. Happy three weeks (a little late) sweet boy!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hayden Greer {two weeks}

I'm still playing catch up, but that seems to be my life right now! I can't believe it's already been two weeks since Hayden has been in our world, but it's also hard to remember what life was life before him.
Hayden, here is what your life is like at two weeks old:
We celebrated your first Thanksgiving and boy are we thankful to have you!
At Thanksgiving you got to meet some of your cousins and they were so sweet to you! 
Friday we attended a baby shower and Saturday a birthday party. You are one party animal already! Kidding. You totally slept through both events, but everyone ewwed and awwed over your hair. We also watched your first Bedlam. 
Sunday you attended church for the first time and helped Papa with the announcements. Your church clothes are still SO big! You can't wear anything that isn't newborn-everything else just falls off of you.
Your cord also fell off and you got your first real bath. Let's be honest. You hate it. You cry the whole time.
I think we went to every dentist and doctor we know for several different appointments. You were SO good for them all. You pretty much slept in your car seat at each one. 
At your two week check up your brother was a big helper and you checked our perfect. You weighed in at 7lbs. 12 oz and 21in.
You are starting to be awake more and we LOVE watching your facial expressions.

Your sweet brother read you his Bible, he really really loves you.
At two weeks we know this about you:
You like to eat every 2 hours, you rarely go longer unless you are just sleeping really good. You are a good eater!
You have really dry skin and oily hair. You may have oily hair because people are always kissing and rubbing that head of yours :)
You love to be rocked to sleep.
You are a good baby so far-you eat and sleep and only cry when you're hungry.  
You are VERY loved!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Thanksgiving in our family always start out with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and breakfast cooked by dad. It's been that way forever and this year was no different.
After breakfast we headed to see Ryan's family. 
Hayden got to meet a few of his cousins and John absolutely loved holding and talking about him. He was so sweet!
My little turkey bottomed man!
After our feast the boys wanted to play outside. There was football and bubbles and digging in the dirt.

 After play time, we needed naps! We all took a short nap and we did some cooking before heading back to mom and dad's.
We had a very fun Thanksgiving with family and several friends too at a table for 16!
Hudson was SO excited about everyone there I guess because he talked nonstop the entire night! 
He loved Jody's pumpkin dip and was convinced it was queso. I'm not sure he really ate anything else for dinner. 
And why wouldn't you end the night with Duck Dynasty, Jack? 
There's nothing better than dessert, some good conversation, and a some laughs from the Roberson's to end the evening. Oh and a little Black Friday shopping too! 
The food was delicious, the company was fun, and we are so grateful! 
There is so much to be thankful for, I wish I could count out all those blessings here. But to keep it short and sweet-I am so so thankful for my family, friends, and mostly my Jesus because without Him we would be nothing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hayden Greer {one week}

Hayden's first week of life was busy with the holidays so close to his birthday there wasn't much time for resting! Here is what you were up to in your first week of life sweet boy!
Your first night in the world we made a big scene! Mommy was changing your diaper when the nurse came in to see if everything was alright. I thought that was kind of weird until she told me that we had set the alarm off. Your little security bracelet was not on very tight and when I changed your diaper it fell off! Needless to say we were making a loud noise for the nurses! What a way to start off your first week of life!
Thursday was spent hanging out at the hospital and getting held by lots of visitors. 
Friday we got to take you home! And your big brother aka the buckle police, was insistent on doing the buckling in your car seat. 
You are such precious cargo!
Saturday was such a big day with your first bath, mommy's teacher friends coming to visit, 
meeting your aunt Cassie, 
and watching your first OSU game!
You learned all about eating and gave us lots of milk drunk smiles. We LOVE watching those facial expressions develop! Sunday we had a lazy day at home to catch up on rest and it was SO needed!
Monday was a big day with your first doctor's appointment and your newborn pictures. At your appointment (I didn't get any pictures because your big brother was not feeling well and was giving us quite a fit) you weight 7lbs 4oz. The doctor thought you looked great! You also were perfect for your newborn pictures, unlike your brother who needed much bribing (it's the toddler stage that you'll go through too!). You slept the entire time and let Trisha do whatever she needed to for your pictures!
Tuesday we took your big brother to school and he got to show you off and Wednesday we were getting prepared for Thanksgiving and had friends over who were so kind to bring dinner! 
And your first week literally flew by! It's so weird how it had only been one week, but we could hardly remember what life was like before you. You are one loved baby sweet boy! Mommy and daddy and big brother adore you!