Monday, May 3, 2010

Tell It Like It Is

Are there ever days that you wish you could just tell it like it is? I do. Fortunately, I work with little ones who don't know any better so everyday they call it how they see it. So blunt they are.

E: Mrs. Hatch, have you already had your baby?
Me: Yes E.
E: Then why is your stomach still sticking out?
I think I wasn't really expecting that so I just gave her that really? look.
E: See right there. Your stomach is sticking out.
Thanks E. I'm clearly aware that I have thousands of crunches to do before I get even remotely close to my BH (before Hudson) tummy.

Think kids don't listen to their parents?!
T: You've got to stop living in the past, E!

Hudson's picture of the day! Taking a walk to the big dowtown with Mae Mae!

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