Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hayden Greer

Hayden today is your FIRST birthday! I can't believe it!
Here are some things about my big ONE year old!

You weigh 23lbs (approximately)
You are about 29 inches long

You wear 12 mo clothes and size 3 shoes.
You wear a size 3 diaper.

You are all chunk, but there is nothing cuter than a roly poly baby.

You pretty much eat anything and everything. You like fruits, veggies (except peas), meats, and carbs.
You love the sippy cup, especially when it's your brothers ;) If someone is eating something that you want you will crawl to them and say "MMMMMMM" really loud until you get a bite. YOU.LOVE.FOOD. {Sorry bub, you come by in honestly}

You take bottles at bed and nap time and maybe occasionally throughout the day. We haven't started milk, I'm curious to see how that will go.

You are a good sleeper. You sleep from 8:30pm-7:30am. This is the opposite how your brother slept. Mama appreciates this about you! You take two naps-a morning (about 10) and afternoon (about 1:30).
You have THREE teeth! Two on top, one on bottom. That fourth one is working it's way out too ;)

You love patty cake, peek-a-boo and playing with your brother. 
You smile, laugh and clap pretty much ALL day. You are just the happiest guy!

You sign more and touchdown. You are babbling "ma ma" but haven't really associated it yet. You really aren't into talking yet and that's ok. Your big brother does enough talking for both of you. I don't know how you'll ever get a word in!

You LOVE bath time, the pool, dog water....aka anything WATER! You think it's so fun to splash and play.

You stand alone for a few seconds and occasionally take one step, but when you realize what you did you won't do it again. You will bounce up and down when we try to stand you up. You're a stinker :]
It's amazing what a year will do to a boy!

Hayden Greer, mommy and daddy love you more than you EVER could know. You have been the perfect addition our family and your brother adores you! We love the way you smile SO big when he kisses you. We love the way you clap and want everyone to cheer with you. We love the way you snuggle with blankets and are the messiest eater on the planet. We love EVERYTHING about you. You are the perfect example of true JOY! Every night mommy prays over you that God will use you for HIS glory. I can't wait to see what He has in store for my big ONE year old! We love, adore and cherish you baby boy. Keep smiling! 
Love, Mommy

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

The first time I ever visited Livesay Orchard was with a group of 9 Kindergarten classes a couple years ago. I immediately fell in love and we've been taking Hudson ever since. It's totally worth the drive!
Daddy taught Hudson to ring toss. 
Hud was so excited about the hay maze.... 
and even laughed when he got "booed" by Papa. 
He practiced his mad bowling skills lol! Notice he didn't knock any down.
I would have to say that this was his favorite toy of all. Why wouldn't he love digging in the dirt, he is a boy?! 
How tall am I?
These horses are a lot of work!
(And yes I did try it for myself!)
What was Hay baby up to? 
Just posing in a tree 
and ropin' calves with mommy.  
As I look at these pictures I am SO thankful for time as a family. We don't get a lot of time as a family of four and I don't want to take one minute of it for granted. 
I am so immensely blessed and undeserving. 
That baby down front ALWAYS keeps us smiling, I stood him there with no real intention of posing him for a picture, but he was hamming it up so I had to!  
He's just the happiest thing. He is my constant reminder of pure joy. 
We took a hay ride and both of the boys were so serious, they didn't know what to think!
He may or may not have snatched an apple right out of the basket and taken a bite. No worries, we paid for it. I mean how can you deny a home grown apple straight from the orchard? 
I am so thankful to see this boy's smile. It hasn't been shown often lately, but I am thankful for days that he feels well (or somewhat better). 
Cutie patooties! I have no words. 
Mom, I think I like this one. 
Or maybe this one? 
Hmm, let's look over there.
This one is real heavy. 
I'm definitely picking this one.
(and he did!) 
Off with our haul! Do you think that's enough?