Monday, May 31, 2010

New Toy!

We've had a pretty lazy Memorial Day. But it's been nice considering I'm going back to work tomorrow. Yes it's true. Back to work. Already. More about that later!
Anyway, Grandma sent Hudson money for an exersaucer so we've been on the hunt for the perfect one at a good price. And today we finally found it, so we went and picked it up and tried it out!
Hudson just wasn't really sure what to do.
He was very thoughtful about the whole thing.
He mostly sat with his hands down by his side and looked around.
I put his hands at the toys, but they didn't stay there long.
They ended right down in his seat again.
He kept giving me this look. Especially when I was playing with the toys that sing and talk. But he'll figure it out soon and love it, I'm sure. There is only one problem: this thing might cost me hundreds of dollars in batteries. There are about a million different places to put batteries in this thing. It should come with a huge warning label! I had no idea!
Oh well, I'm excited for him to have such an awesome toy! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend at our house. We had a rough night Friday night and Hudson had a temp of 101.5. YIKES! I took him to Urget Care Saturday morning just to be sure and by the time I got there he was acting perfectly fine, then I felt like I was being paranoid. But with his temp being so high I wanted to have him checked out and I'm glad I did. He has a double ear infection and is now on bubblegum antibiotics.
But he is a champ! Besides being a little mellow and more tired than normal (and still fighting it) he is acting really good. I'm so thankful that he hasn't acted bothered by it at all. We hung out in our pjs all day Saturday and just relaxed. 
I didn't want to do much today either just to make sure he was feeling better. We got to eat lunch with Aunt Cassie, but other than that we have just been hanging out at home.
Hopefully he will be fully recovered soon. He isn't loving this bubblegum medicine and it's a bit of a job to get him to swallow, but we are all making it. I won't complain, because I thought it was going to be much worse than it is!
Tomorrow we don't have much on the agenda either. We will be remembering all those who fight for us daily so we can live in this free country. Thank you to all who serve! We are so blessed! May we never take their service for granted!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Days

Summer is off to a great start around here! We are loving spending time with our sweet boy and have lots of projects to keep us busy!
Hudson and I took a walk downtown this week. We made a stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some ice cream (YUM!) and hit the Market for some fresh produce!
We've gotten to spend some good time together as a family and I'm so thankful for that. There are lots of days when Hudson only sees one of us at a time so I'm glad when we all three get to be together.
We've been getting housework done that has been put to the side for a while. Like moving the wires to the right wall so the light can hang above the mirror.
And planting some cute flowers out front!
And we got the grill out for the first time this summer! We made kabobs and corn on the cob last night and it was delicous! We used chicken, apples, potatoes, mushroom, steak, and onions.
I think Hudson and I are going to hit a few antique stores today. I've found a few new projects to work on so I'm searching for the right pieces! Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rice Cereal

We introduced rice cereal. Just for fun. And new textures. Not really because he needs it for health reasons yet. Here is a little commentary on how that went...
What's this mom?
Really? That tastes weird.
Dad, why are you taking pictures of this?
I would rather just chew on the spoon.
Seriously? What is that stuff in my mouth?
I'll just have my thumb instead. Thanks anyway, mom.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Graduation, A Party and A Wedding!

This has been a crazy weekend!
It all started Friday with my last hours of school and then that night with Abby's graduation!
The Class of 2010!
The baby of the family has graduated! It's kind of hard to believe!
But she's got lots of great things ahead of her and we are all proud of all she has done!
She's got a lot of people that love her and are so proud of where she is headed!
We celebrated Saturday afternoon with a party! I love this cake! Super adorable!
Then I headed off to this beautiful girl's wedding! So happy for Ann Louise!
Sunday we celebrated the graduates from Silver Creek!
Jon graduates in August and Ryan and Abby graduated this month!
Sunday afternoon we did some crafting.
And hung out with this cool kid. This is my cousin Connar. He rocks at wrestling. And he's very brave. Brave enough to jump to our cold swimming pool. Freezing.
Hudson had a great weekend too. He got loved on lots and he actually took some naps, something that usually doesn't happen when we are around so many people.
Now we get to spend our summer together! I'm so happy to get more time with my sweet boy!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Happy 21st Birthday Jon!
It's my brother's birthday! I'm so glad we could celebrate with him!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Check Up

Today we went for Hudson's 4 month visit.
He weighs 13lbs 10oz. (25%) and is 24in long (25%).
Dr.S said that he is the perfect height weight combination for his size.
He did really good with his shots today. He cried after the first one and continued to cry during the second, but he quickly decided he was ok and smiled for the nurse. I was afraid it was going to be a long day of wanting to be held for Hudson, but he has been so much better than last time. He was so good hanging out in my classroom while I got things put away for summer, but he hasn't slept at all today! There have just been too many activities and things to see.
We've had a busy and long day and we have a busy weekend ahead. It's time to get to bed! Last day of school tomorrow! I can't believe I've finished a whole year of teaching Kindergarten!
I'm so thankful that we have a great doctor, health insurance, and a healthy baby. And my job too, but still praying that we have definite answers about that soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tornado Season

So I came home from work today to a sleeping baby and I was so ready to cuddle up with him and nap myself. It's a rainy day, and pajama day at school, so there is nothing I could have wanted more. It was our last full day of school and my kids were hyped up on sugar. I mean really hyped up. Chocolate pudding. Popcorn. Gummy worms. Snocones. Movies. Hawaiian Punch. Pajamas. Those don't all contain sugar but they do all contain whatever it is that makes Kindergartens WILD! Yes parents, I'm probably a bad teacher for giving my kids all that junk. But it's the last day of school, what teacher doesn't?!
Anyway, back to the point...I was worn out!  The whole way home I listened to the news about tornadoes forming in towns near Stillwater and I was just praying that nothing really came of it. I was wrong. By 6pm, Cassie was back at our house and Ryan was home from work and we were in a tornado warning. We stocked the bathroom with everything we needed in case of bad weather.
Ryan and Cassie hung out on the fronch porch most of the time watching the clouds and looking for any formations. Hudson and I opted to hang out near the bathroom in case it got close.
It got dark pretty fast and really started looking nasty so we all hung out in the bathroom for awhile just to be safe.
As far as I know, they tracked it all the way down 51 and then it moved into the northeast corner of the county. I don't think there was ever anything on the ground in Stillwater. Just some really crazy clouds and rain (I'm so not a weather expert so don't rely on my limited information).

I'm thankful that we could all be together and keep each other company. I definitely dislike being alone with Hudson when the weather is bad. It's definitely a bit scary. And I'm praying that everyone else who has tornado warnings out there tonight is safe.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 Months Old

Hudson, you are 4 months old today!
You have grown up so much in the past month! The last weighing you had you were at 13lbs 3oz. That was about 3 weeks ago so I can't imagine how big you are now!

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes, but they still swallow you a bit. There are some 0-3 things that you can still wear.

You still wear size 1 diapers.

In the past month we have found out that you have acid reflux. Due to this, and what  mommy's body was telling her (which she was/is sad about), you are now only eating a special formula. It's heavier and sits in your stomach better. You are spitting up less, but still have your moments. I'm just glad you're feeling better and it doesn't bother you as much anymore.

You were on such a great sleeping schedule until you got sick a few weeks ago. It really messed everything up, but we are finally getting it back and you are even going to bed earlier than before. You have been going to sleep between 8:30 and 9 most nights. You still wake up once, maybe twice, and are usually up at about 6:30am. You can't stand to miss a moment of what's going on around you so you fight naps pretty bad. Some days at daycare you sleep no more than an hour, and sometimes you take a good 2 hour afternoon nap. You are such a silly guy when it comes to sleeping! You fight it until you just can't stand it anymore.

You are so active and alert (people comment about this all the time). You are a busy body! You are always moving. You love to sit up or stand. You only like to lay down on the floor when you can kick and play. You don't like to lay down if you think it's going to make you sleep.

You have found your hands and how to control them! You love to have them in your mouth and you are really good at holding your toys! You are working on holding your bottle and occasionally hold it on your own for a second or two. You are really good at pulling it out of your mouth when you are finished.

You smile ALL the time and at everyone! Mommy thinks you are one big flirt with the girls! You are also figuring out your laugh. Sometimes you open your mouth and nothing comes out, ha! But you like to laugh when we put your feet to your face or when daddy makes you fly in the air. Your happiness is contagious :)
You are our everything , the light of our life! We love you more and more each day and are so excited with the new things you are learning to do. We cannot believe how much you have grown up in the past 4 months! We love you little man!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Olympics

Little Olympics was a fun way to start our last week of school!
The entire elementary went to the football field where they competed in partner events, like a track and field day. The kids had fun even though it was a bit cool and the grass was wet!
Mom met Hudson and I there so she could hang out with him and he could come for all the fun! Obviously he enjoyed it so much that he slept right through it!
He came sporting his "I heart Mrs. Hatch" shirt that Aunt Candace made him!
We had a fun day, Hudson didn't stay long. It was cool and he needed a nap so he headed home after lunch. We headed back to school for bubbles and teacher v. 5th grade kickball. I was wearing flip flops so I found a designated kicker and I ran (if you could even call it that)! Don't want to hurt those toes!! Anyway, I got out at second base on my first attempt, but was more successful the second time and scored a run!
It was a good day! And I think this little guy is happy that is mommy his almost home to spend the whole summer with him! We both need it!
Summer vacation is just around the corner :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day came and went and I didn't say a thing about it on here. But that doesn't mean I didn't celebrate it and that I am not super thankful for my mom, because I truly am. I have been blessed with a mom who cares. Who cares enough to teach us right from wrong and to expect the best from us. Always. Even now when I am grown up and have a family of my own. She made a lot of sacrifices for us and I'm thankful for everything she did to raise us the way we were. She is one of my greatest friends now and I can't do a day without talking to her.
And this little guy too. He doesn't go a day without hearing from Mae Mae and smiling for her in pictures. He is thankful that she takes the time to come visit him every Monday.
And I love being a mother too. There is just something about it that you can't explain until you have your own little ones. He is the greatest blessing and I have the biggest responsibility in the world-raising my child the way God calls us to.
I just pray I'm half as good a mother as some of the people who have set examples for me. I'm not perfect and I'm still learning, but I do my best.
Being in the classroom with kids everyday teaches you a lot about parenting and raising kids. I've learned a lot and I have a ways to go, but I'm so thankful that these experiences help me see who I want to be as a parent. And that I'm surrounded by other great mothers who are teachers too!
Thank you to all the moms out there for all that you do for your kids!
Happy Mother's Day (just a bit late)!
Love you mom!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad Days and Good Books

I won't pretend to be perfect. Because I am not. And this is not what this blog is about. It's about journaling. I like to write. I want to remember what is going on in life right now. Experiences, feelings, and life in general.
So I will be honest and say that some days are bad. Bad in the sense that things don't go how I think they should. I really don't have it bad and I shouldn't complain, but everyone has bad days sometimes and that's ok. It makes us who we are. We are not perfect.
Today was that kind of day. The day when my kids were bouncing off the walls and things (not just 6 year olds) weren't what I wanted them to be (and still aren't). But I came home to a sleeping baby and a good book. And in the grand scheme of things, what is hurting me, challenging me or eating at my heart won't really matter in 10 years. And most importantly it won't matter when I get to heaven. What will matter is the way I chose to live in spite of all of the things that happen in the world arond me. My family matters, my Jesus matters, and that's all I should worry about. I just needed to take some time to get things off my mind and remember that Jesus is bigger than anything I have to deal with daily. If I can't handle it, He will.
Change of subject:
I've been in the process of reading about 4 books at a time for the past few months. I'm not sure why I waited until I was having a baby to decide I should read all these books, but some of them have just recently come out and so I thought I would share them in case anyone needs a good book to read. I hope this doesn't sound like an advertisement, I just wanted to share.
The pastor wrote this book. It's about saying your a Christian and not living like one. It's one thing to believe in Jesus, it's another to live like you believe.
Lord, help me live for you!
If you think Heaven sounds awesome from what you've read in the bible, you should read the description of heaven in this book! Wow! That's all I can say!
Got to love a good romance right?! Well I'm only on Chapter 3, but eventually I will get through it!
I downloaded this as an ebook yesterday. It's free at Barnes and Noble right now. I started reading her blog just after I found out I was pregnant last year and just bawled reading her story. It's an amazing story about how God can use an unborn baby to change lives. He is incredible like that.

I better get reading, but not without first sharing a picture of what my cute boy has been up to today!
Yes, he came to visit his mommy! The kids were having "quiet time" and watching Toy Story. So he laid on the floor with them. Eventually, he had the majority of the class circled around him, all saying his name and watching him smile. Forget Toy Story, we have Hudson! They were so cute and sweet with him. I always tell them, "You can look, but you can't touch." So they just say his name over and over and watch him smile and say, "Aww, he's so cute." It was a good change to this rainy, cloudy week.

I hope everyone has enjoyed a good book this week.
Tomorrow is Friday!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Graduation has come and gone and I think Ryan just doesn't know what to do with himself. I think he is having a hard time really believing that he won't be worrying about class schedules, paying for a mountain of books, and doing homework this fall.
I'm so excited and proud of him! He has worked hard to juggle a full time job, college classes, band and a family. He deserves it so much!
Hudson is proud too! So proud that he let everyone in GIA know that he was present on Saturday. He gave a few good, loud cries for the whole audience to hear.
Look at all those graduates? Isn't that amazing? Ryan graduated in the second of three undergraduate ceremonies held at OSU on Saturday.
Like I said before. We are so proud of "daddy"!
He works so hard for us and we appreciate every bit of it.
I just love this picture of him. I pray that he understands the value of hard work and that we are good models of it.
After graduation we met up with the rest of Ryan's family in OKC. Unfortunately, it just happened that Ryan's twin brother and his wife were graduating the same day as Ryan. This meant that Ryan couldn't be at his brother's graduation and the family had to split up too. They were just too far apart to make it to both, but we all met up for a celebration dinner in the evening.
These are the three graduates with the Hatch parents.

It was a great day as we celebrated these accomplishments, but it was super long! We finally made it to Tulsa around midnight to be with the family the next day for Mother's Day. I am so proud of Ryan and so thankful that he has the determination and will to never give up. He is setting a great example for our family and I know that all of his hardwork is paying off. He is still really figuring out what he wants to be now that he is "grown up" (ha), but I know that God has a perfect plan and that He will use Ryan's talents for what He intended them for.

Ryan, thank you for never giving up. Thank you for balancing so many things at once to do what was best for our family. And thank you for loving Hudson and I immeasurably. We love you and are proud of you!