Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby H3 {Gender Reveal}

Wednesday we found out the gender of our baby. We wanted to do something fun to reveal the gender to our family.
After our appointment we headed to SAM's to order a cake! I've been so impressed with their cakes and cupcakes since they've opened in our town. 
We had hardly finished dinner and the anticipation was just too much
Hudson was excited to help with the cake! 
Finding out what's inside.... 
A family full of boys! I love it!
The boys were really excited about the balloon! 
You know when you're little and you dream of what your family would be like? Well I will honestly say that mine never contained three sons. But it's seriously the best thing that has happened to our family. We couldn't be more full of love for three cute and sweet boys. They are perfect gifts from God and we feel honored he chose us. (And we think he has a little bit of a sense of humor giving us a bunch of boys). We are so excited for Henley Ryan to make his appearance in September!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby H3 {18 Weeks}

Baby and I on Easter!

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of the baby: The size of a bell pepper.

Weight gain/loss: +6

Maternity clothes: Yes, they're still a little baggy. But at least their not squishing the poor baby like regular clothes.

Gender: It's a..... (we know, will share soon :)

Movement: Yes! Lots of movement at night, some during the day.

Sleep: It's ok. Need lots of it, usually up in the middle of the night.

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy!

Cravings: Always hungry & thirsty for water.

Symptoms: ha! Big belly, movement, and lots of eating. I think that's enough, right?

Best moment of the week: Technically I'm 19 weeks now, but the best moment has been seeing our baby in the ultrasound and hearing that everything looked perfect. Baby weighs about 9oz.

I love that big round belly! 
This one was my absolute favorite-a cute little perfect hand. 
This picture makes the baby legs look so long, but they didn't measure any longer than normal.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break {Dallas}

I should probably break this post up into a few to tell you all the great details about Spring Break, but in an effort to get caught up I'm going to put it all together. 
We were so ready for a little break from the real world and desperately needed some friend time. So we called up some of our favorites, invited ourselves over and packed up and hit the road. They were so sweet to let us crash in their cute apartment taking up and making messes of every inch of space they had! 
The first day we arrived we caught up with friends, visited a super cool grocery store for the essentials for any friend sleepover {pizza & ice cream} and got acquainted with Penny!
The day wasn't complete without an 11pm trip to Whataburger. All I can say is Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.  
The next day we visited the Klyde Warren park downtown! It literally sits on top of the highway! We had a picnic lunch, climbed on the spider web and the lookout, spun on the merry go round, and more! It ended up being a really nice day to be out in the sun! 
We wore the boys out so Katie and I hit Sonic Happy Hour and did some shopping while the boys napped. 
We also visited the Galleria and got some great deals before meeting family for dinner!
Our last day ended with some more shopping and then Hudson's big finale-Legoland! Unfortunately for us there were about a 156,390 more kids in the place than could actually fit and it was really overwhelming.  
Poor Hudson just had a rough day. Isn't that the way it always go when you've really been looking forward to something? Legos thrown at him, smashed hand, lost in the play place, he as just struggling and completely worn out from all of the fun we'd had for the past few days. 
And did I mention we were in Dallas with no stroller? Trying to wrangle a busy 16 month old who just wants to go. 
They were both troopers and we did as much as we could. It definitely made this mama sad that we couldn't enjoy it a little more :( Oh well, maybe another time.

I thought the mini sets of popular sights in Dallas were super fun! After we had done everything we could but completely melt, we decided it was nap time in the car on the ride home. Goodbye Dallas until next time!

Baby H3 {16 Weeks}

Here is my first bumpdate for baby H3!
(Should've worn sunglasses for this one!)
How far along: 16 weeks

Size of the baby: avocado
Weight Gain/Loss: +3 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Starting to wear some-at that awkward stage wear maternity clothes are too big and regular clothes are too tight.

Gender: We think we may have an idea after the ultrasound last week, but doctor said it's too early to confirm. We'll wait and see!

Movement: Beginning to feel some little flutters if I lay still at night.

Sleep: Needing lots of it! I think I'm finally over the hump of being wide awake from 3-4 am every morning.

What I miss: Not going to the bathroom every hour and sleeping on my stomach!

Cravings: Lots of food and water! I've never been so thirsty in my life!

Symptoms: Lots of symptoms-thankfully the nausea is mostly over and I'm feeling a little less tired.

Best moment this week: Letting the secret out! It's been fun for everyone to know, especially my students. They are so funny about it! And I don't have to wear big shirts and scarves every day :)

Baby H3 Announcement

Our family has known a while about this little secret, but we wanted to wait until my 15 week OB appointment to tell the rest of the world. We let Hudson tell our family and I think they were a little confused for a bit, but they finally understood that the heartbeat they were hearing wasn't just from a stuffed dog :)
This is our sweet thing at 11 weeks. There is just nothing that fills my heart more than seeing that tiny body and hearing that fast heart. It's seriously makes me say, "Lord I'm amazed." Aren't his creations awesome?
We even got a little 3D peek at the baby! I can see a little personality forming already!
This picture from our 15 week appointment isn't as clear (head is on the left) but I'm still thankful to see the little thang.
After our appointment we had my sister put together our little announcement to send out to friends and extended family and the rest of the world. It's been nice to be able to talk about it with friends and coworkers and not feel like I have a little secret (even if it's a good one). 
My students we're so funny when they found out, they were going around the room telling each other and drawing pictures of said baby. I was out a day for an appt. and they thought I was gone to have the baby, so they were quick to ask when I returned where I had been. It's all the talk in my room!
Now it's time to get started on those bumpdates!