Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Olympics

Little Olympics was a fun way to start our last week of school!
The entire elementary went to the football field where they competed in partner events, like a track and field day. The kids had fun even though it was a bit cool and the grass was wet!
Mom met Hudson and I there so she could hang out with him and he could come for all the fun! Obviously he enjoyed it so much that he slept right through it!
He came sporting his "I heart Mrs. Hatch" shirt that Aunt Candace made him!
We had a fun day, Hudson didn't stay long. It was cool and he needed a nap so he headed home after lunch. We headed back to school for bubbles and teacher v. 5th grade kickball. I was wearing flip flops so I found a designated kicker and I ran (if you could even call it that)! Don't want to hurt those toes!! Anyway, I got out at second base on my first attempt, but was more successful the second time and scored a run!
It was a good day! And I think this little guy is happy that is mommy his almost home to spend the whole summer with him! We both need it!
Summer vacation is just around the corner :)

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