Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just wanted to say a quick hello! We (Ryan included although he's not in the picture) are still here and had a great Thanksgiving break! We are back to our normal routine tomorrow and hopefully I will get the rest of the pictures on the computer and have a real Thanksgiving update. But until then, a quick list of things I am thankful for this year.

My BIG God!

My loving husband who I adore.

My sweet son who lights up my world :)

My family (both sides) who no matter what happens they always love me.

My job-I've missed my 25 sweet littles over the last five days. And I look forward to their shiny faces every morning. And all the other wonderful people I work with too!

That we have wonderful people who let us have a place to live while we are in transition ;)

My friends who take time out of their day to care about me.

And this life that I live-I'm thankful for every bit of it. Because we are so blessed and so undeserving.

Did you think about all of the things you are thankful for?

Thinking thankful thoughts,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

I'm way behind on blogging. I haven't been feeling well at all and I think I'm finally getting better so I'll try to get caught up!
We took a short trip to Missouri to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was Hudson's first trip there! Dad and Jon have been doing lots of work on the yard (pictured above) so we got to hang out with family while they worked.
Hudson took his first ride in the Bobcat and he wasn't too thrilled. 
Hudson also got to meet some family he has never met before, but I don't have any pictures of that. He also really loved hanging out on the back porch watching all the action.
My best friend from 8th grade came over and I'm glad we got to catch up and see her girls. She also cut my hair-we were laughing because we never thought that one day our kids would be playing together and she would be doing my hair!
Then on Sunday we did something we were crazy and unprepared to do! We ran in a marathon relay! It was fun, but we weren't very prepared this time. And I made myself really miserable and probably even more sick. I guess it was great experience right?!
Don't you just love the look on his face? It pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole experience. This wasn't my favorite race to run (not that I'm very experienced in the marathon field).

Anyway, now we are ready for a great Thanksgiving and time with family!
I hope you take time to remember all of your blessings in life!

P.S. Did anyone watch the Pioneer Woman on Throwdown with Bobby Flay?! If you haven't look it up! It's playing lots this week!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Months

Hudson William you are getting so big!
Today we are celebrating your 10 month birthday!

You weigh somewhere around 20lbs.
You wear 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You are still a good eater and love to try everything! You love to eat with your fingers-especially fruit, toast, crackers, cheerios, etc. Really anything, but those are the things you eat most. You really like water and drinking out of your sippy cup.

I think you are getting a better sleep schedule, but it seems like as soon as you do something happens to mess it up. You have been sleeping from 8pm-7am (at the latest). You get up for a bottle at 11 and 5:45-I'm praying you keep this schedule or it continues to get better.

Your napping varies from day to day. You usually take a small morning and afternoon nap, but some days you decide to take a two hour nap. And some days you decide you won't sleep at all and go to bed at 7pm. You are just so busy and napping is now a small battle. It involves  standing, jumping, singing, and throwing your bottle in your pack n play.

You have eight teeth! Four on top and four on bottom!

You babble so much and I think you make new sounds everyday. You say "dada" the most, but you still don't really know what that means. You also say "hi."

You are still crawling everywhere and you are hilarious! You are speedy quick! Your favorite thing to do is crawl to the dog bowls and bang them on the floor or the trash can. You are pulling up on everything and love to stand. You still scoot side to side a lot and bounce up and down.

You have learned to clap this past month and now you clap ALL THE TIME! It's so cute!
You still give "sugars" but it is mostly for mommy and the dogs. You love those dogs and always want to chase them, pet them, clap for them, and kiss them.

You have been going through a phase where you have to be held by mommy if she is in the room-this is just when someone else wants to hold you. If you are playing on the floor you are usually fine, but I cannot give you away for someone else to hold you without a whimper and whine.

The biggest memory of your life recently is finding out that you have Atrial Septal Defect. It is a hole in your heart between the top two chambers. It should heal on it's own but we are waiting to see what happens. God has control of this :)

Your personality is showing so much more everyday as you are learning new ways to express yourself. You are so happy and lovable and you couldn't be more of a joy! We love you baby boy!
Here are a few outtakes for you. We didn't have such a good start to our birthday photo shoot.
So we even attempted taking a few pictures on the floor, but thankfully after some dinner and crawling we got a much better result.

I can't believe that after the holidays are over we will be celebrating your first birthday. It is going to be here before we know it.

We love you Mr. Hudson!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Big First Birthday

Before our fun trip to Dallas, we made a little stop near our old home for a party to celebrate one cowboy's first birthday! This farm themed party was adorable and Hudson loved celebrating his buddy's special day.
Aren't these cakes cute?
 Hudson was more interested in the toys than Ayden was. Ayden loved the cards!
Every cowboy needs his own pair of these!
 He is really pulling off the cowboy look in this picture.Hudson wore his cowboy boots to this special occasion and also tried out a hat.
And I love this picture of the birthday boy! I think the subtitle should read, Is my bow missing?

Happy Birthday sweet boy! Before you know it you will be visiting us to celebrate Hudson's big ONE! Coming soon...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steal of a Deal

So, if you know me very well then you should know I'm a bargain shopper. I love coupons, sales and a really good deal. I am always buying from the clearance section. So I've been searching for a great deal on a winter coat for H-man. It is just starting to get cold, so I really needed to find something. So I went hunting and here is what I found:

Ryan picked this out. I really wanted to go with the toggle jacket, but it wasn't as heavy as I wanted it to be-so I went with Ryan's choice.

And we have to keep the hands and ears warm too and of course Ryan approves of anything with orange :)

So with the sale, 30% off coupon, and $10 off coupon I spent a total of $11 for it all. Originally priced at $50 for both. There is nothing better saving $39!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Away

Last weekend we took a very long weekend away and had so much fun. So much fun that I'm still re cooperating because I ended up with a sinus infection or some kind of yuck that I'm just now getting over.

We started the weekend with one very special boy's birthday party. He turned the big ONE YEAR! He had an adorable little farm themed party and we had so much fun. I thought I would share more about this whole evening later.
After a long trip to Dallas, we stopped to visit one of my sweet college roommates. I don't have a picture from our visit so I have to share this picture of one of her guest rooms. They have the most adorable house FULL of bright colors and I love it! I really can't pick a favorite between the pink laundry room, the silver guest room, and this super fun giraffe ceiling...
Isn't it adorable? Now I just need to convince her to come back to OK to paint for me :)
After visiting one friend we met up with others :) Steven and Katie came up from Waco and we just love our time with them!
We took them to BJ's for Barbecue pizza and we shared a Pizookie!
It was our annual OSU v Baylor football reunion-but since we couldn't be there due to the events below we met up in Dallas to watch the game together.
We kind of spoiled ourselves rotten by getting a suite to all stay in together and be able to hang out and watch the game. I might never stay in a regular hotel room again...we so enjoyed it! But mostly we enjoyed the company of our sweet friends. We can just hang out, eat, talk, and have fun together-it's nothing fancy, others might say we are boring, but we just LOVE our friends. And we are just a little bit glad that our Cowboys stomped on them! (Don't mean to rub it in friends....)
After our sweet friends left, we were on to visiting family. Did I mention that this was one jam packed weekend? The reason we came to Dallas in the first place was to meet our sweet niece Emily and see her blessing. Hudson was not so interested in his cousin and just a tad bit jealous that his mom was holding her and not paying 100% attention to him....
This is Hudson's cousin Katy. She is so so sweet to him. She is just exactly one year older than him (by 3 days). She just loved on him all weekend. She would come sit down next to him and share with him and give hugs. I love this picture and that they are sharing leaves.
This would be Ryan's ENTIRE family altogether in Dallas for the blessing. We had so much fun getting to be together and have some family time. Can you tell that the sun is in our eyes?
I love that we got to travel as a family of three and get away from our normal routines for a few days. We had a great weekend! Hudson traveled really well too. The car ride down was a little rough because we sat in traffic for a terribly long time. But on the way home we made some stops at a few of our favorite places (i.e. Hudson's first IKEA trip!) and really wore him out. He didn't nap all day so he slept most of the way home. I think that fall back messed up his sleeping schedule too.
Side note: Hudson learned to clap while we were in Dallas. I give 100% credit to Katie. She kept clapping for him and before we knew it he was doing it too. They bonded really well. I'm not sure I can say the same for Steven-it's a little bit of a "I'm not really sure who this guy is" relationship, but they are working on it.

Goodnight all! Thank you for reading my ever so long post!
P.S. Katie-Feel free to steal these pictures :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

H's Heart and His Big Travels

I'm currently riding in the passenger seat with a sleeping baby behind me so I thought I would give a quick update.
We heard from Hudson's pediatrician and he has Atrial Septal Defect. It sounds scary with such a big fancy name, but it's really not too bad. He has a hole in his heart between the top two chambers. It should heal on it's own so we will go back to the cardiologist this time next year to see if anything has changed. We are happy to know it's nothing more, but will continue to pray for his sweet heart to do what it needs to to be healthy and properly functioning.

In other news, we are away for the weekend and are excited to be spending time with friends and family. Hudson is on his first trip to the big state of Texas so I'll post more about our baby's busy social life when we get back. Ha
Have a happy and blessed weekend!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival

Our first attempt at a visit to the pumpkin patch was rained out so we went this weekend.
Let's just say that it was a little difficult getting a certain boy to smile. I don't really blame him though-it was cool, windy, and nap time.
His shirt says, "Cutest in the patch." I would definitely agree!
He did enjoy chewing on a piece of hay, which he chose to do on his own. He loves to put EVERYTHING in his mouth!
To add to the fun, we put his Halloween costume on him. We got some very sad lion pictures, but not many ferocious roars. I do love this picture even though he is showing the boo boo lip.
Maybe we will have a better trip next year?!
We went to Fall Festival for the evening of Halloween. Hudson was not really thrilled about the costume part of this evening, so after checking out all the fun and taking a few pictures we ditched the costume. 
Hudson sat in the ball pit and dug for treasure. Really he just played, and could care less about the treasure part.
He got a balloon so we tied it to his tail. Doesn't it look like he is going to float up to the sky at any moment?
He looks so precious in this costume and I'm kind of sad he won't be able to wear it again. Anyone need a cute lion costume?!
We saw lots of great people, costumes, and baby friends.
We had a great time together, but missed Ryan. He was sound asleep after working 14 hours straight.
We ate hot dogs, caramel apples, and took a hayride.
This was Hudson's face during the hayride. I'm sure he wondered why we were taking such a bumpy, dark ride.
Halloween is my least favorite of all holidays. It's just something about spiders, witches, ghosts, and all those scary things that I really don't enjoy. But, picking out a cute costume for Hudson and taking him to Fall Festival makes this holiday much more enjoyable.