Monday, April 30, 2012

12 weeks

Well it’s my first official post on this pregnancy! I’m hoping I can keep up as well as I did when carrying H, but life is different these days so we’ll see how it goes :)

So here are all the FAQ’s for those who are interested.

We found out on March 7th and then told our families the next week or so. We talked about waiting longer but for one Ryan DOES NOT do well with secrets/surprises and second, we were about to go to Branson to Silver Dollar City. I knew I couldn’t ride any of the roller coasters so they had to know or I would have had to make up lame excuses the whole time!

We are due on November 12th!

photo (50)

Our first doctor’s appointment was on March 28th and by the calculations of the baby’s size we got our official due date. But to be honest, this baby will come when it comes, or when it gets evicted!


Four weeks later it looks much less like I had a peanut and a whole lot more like a baby! We got to see this baby’s arms and legs moving all around at our last appointment so that was fun! We also took Hudson to this appointment. He was so intrigued by seeing the doctor and that she turned off the lights, he didn’t really care about what was on the screen.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 12 Weeks

Size of baby: size of a lime

Total Weight Gain/Loss: haven’t gained any weight in the last 4 weeks! I don’t really know about before that, I don’t really keep track of my weight unless I’m prego.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet! Although I did get them out of the attic.

Gender: Don’t know and don’t really have a feeling one way or another yet. We’ll see!

Movement: none yet!

Sleep: I'm usually awake sometime in the middle of the night for at least 30 minutes, then I always seem to wake up around 5 and try to go back to sleep until my alarm goes off. I’ve been going to bed around 9:30 because I have been so tired!

What I miss: My appetite?! But it’s been coming back the last few days.

Cravings: not really a craving, but cheese and crackers has been my snack of choice the last several weeks.

Symptoms: Mostly tiredness, the nausea is getting a lot better!

Best Moment this week: Seeing that little baby (that really looks like a baby) in an ultrasound.

photo (48)

Here are Hud and I at 12 weeks. The wind was blowing like crazy so we look a little out of sorts!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Zoo

Last weekend mom and I took Hudson to the Zoo! They were having an Earth Day special so it was cheaper to get in!

I told him in the morning where we were going and he kept talking all about the animals and practiced making animals sounds. I have a really cute video that I need to get uploaded!

photo (43)photo (45)

All morning he kept talking about how the baby giraffe had fallen down. We were glad to know that all the giraffes were safe and sound when we got to the zoo.

The sea lion exhibit that recently opened was a favorite also! You can see them swimming underwater which we really enjoyed!

photo (46)

Of course the thing he was most interested in was the train. The whole time he was watching where the train was going and listening for its sounds.

photo (47)

Of course we waited until the end to ride the train so he was so excited to finally get on. He sat in awe most of the ride and didn’t move. Then we had to say bye to the choo choo all the way home.

Hopefully we will be making more zoo trips this summer (weather permitting), he had a blast!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hudson’s News

Announcement 2 final

If anyone has bee wondering why we haven’t had many blog posts lately this is why!

This momma is feeling tired and often nauseous which leaves little room for blogging!

More to come soon (hopefully)!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


We had a blast on Easter weekend! It was filled with lots of to do’s, but my absolute favorite part were the church services we attended where we celebrated our Savior!DSC_0194

Hudson LOVED coloring the eggs. He thought that was really fun! He was a pro too!


These were colored with Kool-aid, we only had time for 2 before we headed off to hunt eggs!

photo (11)

He had fun finding the eggs, but he had gotten eggs earlier from his Grandma so he knew what this was about-candy. Once he got his first one open it was all over. Get them in my mouth!

After the egg hunt we put dinner in the crockpot (it definitely worth trying, thanks Pinterest!) and had nap time. Then we headed to for their Easter celebration! The church service was incredible and they had this cute little photo booth set up! Hudson had gotten a sucker so he didn’t really care to smile, he just wanted it open!


Hudson was so excited for Sunday because that was the day that “daddy play mumet” aka his daddy would play trumpet at church. He really doesn’t know about his daddy playing trumpet, because he never sees him (Ryan doesn’t play much anymore) and can’t remember a time when he did.

photo (16)

He sat like this and didn’t move for the longest time. He also got to see Uncle Hat play trumpet and he normally plays guitar so he was just completely in awe. He has been so into music over his lifetime (he comes by it naturally), but has really been obsessed with instruments the past several months. He hardly moved the whole music service because he was watching so intently. Every Sunday he makes sure that we are going to see hat and Nick play guitar. We also pray for their guitars EVERY night and we have now added daddy’s trumpet to the list.

DSC_0336 copy

I am so thankful that our sins are washed away and we can live free because of God’s great plan to send his son to earth! We are blessed!


We tried to keep Hudson’s Easter basket simple and not make a big deal out of it, it’s really not what this whole thing is about anyway. We picked up a few things at the Disney outlet in Branson last month so he received that and a few train things since that is his most recent favorite. We took him to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book for his basket. We walked around for a while and I would show him book and he would look at them and put them back. He finally came across a train book that made noises and he was set, we weren’t leaving the store without it (and without hearing it toot five million times!).


Thanks to a few Target trains and a Eric Carle book/plush from Mae Mae he was set! He really enjoyed his basket and didn’t ever figure out that all of the candy he found at the hunt was hidden under the grass! More for his daddy and I (Kidding)!

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

John 16:33

Aren’t you thankful that Jesus overcame the world just for us?!

Saturday, April 7, 2012



Over Spring Break we had a little mini vacay to Branson.

photo (41)

We had to stop to eat at Lambert’s on the way so it was the perfect opportunity to see Gigi. She brought my cousin Colin along too! We wish we could have seen Pops, but he isn’t walking or feeling well. We’ve been praying for him a lot and would appreciate your prayers too.

photo (42)

It was yummy! Hudson loved the rolls, but who doesn’t?!

photo (33)

Thanks to Groupon we got a really great deal on a condo that sat on the lake. Above is the view from our balcony!

photo (38)

The sunset on our first night there was gorgeous too!

photo (39)

And I will admit that the first thing we did when we got there was hit the outlet malls! Hudson of course loved the Disney store!

photo (35)

This cute little boat is at the Landing and Hudson got a little break from shopping to play on the playground.

photo (37)photo (36)

The boys got some fishing time in and we hung around the condo a lot, but it was nice to be able to just hang around! On our last day we headed to Silver Dollar City! I haven’t been there in 10 or more years?! I really don’t remember the last time and it was a first for Hudson and Ryan. It sprinkled on us off and on, but we have a great time! Hudson absolutely thought the whole place was centered around trains. He called the trams (that take you to the parking lots) trains and of course he could not stop listening for the real train toot! We of course rode the train and I think he loved it. When we left he kept saying “bye choo choo train.” He fell asleep in the car afterward and woke up asking for the train again. I think we have a new obsession Winking smile

Anyway, it was a great mini getaway! It was chili and wet, but having time away and getting to relax was so worth it!