Tuesday, February 22, 2011

West Texas

This past weekend we took a trip to the west side of Texas to visit family and friends!
It's quite a long drive, but Hudson didn't do too bad. He was a little spoiled by daddy...he got to watch a movie on the DVD player. I promise it wasn't this close to his face for long-just a few minutes. He really thought it was a toy with it in his lap like this, so we had to move it out of reach!
We went to John's Dr. Seuss party to celebrate his second birthday. Hudson looks so grown up sitting at a big boy table!
Hudson has 5 cousins, but they are spread out across three states so he doesn't see them very often. I think he had fun playing and checking out a new set of toys. Do you see Hudson trying to be sweet in this picture? He has his hand on John's leg.
After the party, we headed further west to my best friend's house! We took a drive with them to go to the Big Texan for dinner, but by this point Hudson was over his car seat and was causing quite a ruckus. I think he got Brax worked up. As you can tell by Ryan's face, having two screaming kids isn't quite "fun." It gave Stacia and I a good laugh though! Needless to say, they were all three worn out after dinner and slept the whole way home!
This was our first time to meet Brax. He was so fun (such a smiling boy!) and Hudson kept checking him out. This picture is a good reflection of their age differences-Brax still learning to be mobile and Hudson crawling away before I could take more than a few shots!
We had so much fun and are so thankful to have time to do things out of our normal routine and visit important people in our lives! Are you blessed and thankful for the people who surround you? I hope you've prayed for and thanked God for them today!

Friday, February 18, 2011

13 Months

Hudson is doing so many new things that I want to be sure to keep up with it all. So I'm going to continue his monthly posts for a little longer so I can journal about all he is learning.
First of all, I have to start by saying that I can't believe he is actually over a year old! It seems like we were so excited about his first birthday and it's already been a whole month since the big one!
Here are some of the things Hudson is doing right now:
He has switched to milk and LOVES it! He really had no complaints about the new taste in his bottle, however, he does have complaints when it is in his sippy cup. We are still working on that work. Otherwise, we have a milkaholic on our hands!

He is such a good eater! He likes everything and has a little bit of a sweet tooth too!

We are at an in between stage between 6-12 month clothes & 12-18 month. He is growing so much though. I think he may be going through a growth spurt-he is always ready to eat. It may be partly due to how active he is!

He now takes one two hour nap (most days) and goes to bed a little bit later (9:00-9:30). He is sleeping better for the most part.

He loves playing with his toys and some of his favorites right now are microphones, trucks, and anything that makes music. He also likes to look at books a lot!

He likes to sing and we are hearing a lot more of that lately. It's so precious.

He talks ALL day long! His favorite words are hot, dog and hot dog. He also says mom, Dada, no no. He is making some new sounds, but we are not sure what word he is trying to form. He still uses his baby sign language too and we are working on the sign for milk.

He still loves bath time more than anything. He would spend all day in the water. He may be a fish like his Aunt Abby.

He is getting closer to walking each day. He is getting more stable when standing alone and loves to hold onto things. He go from one to another to get where he needs to go. He may be a late walker, but I'm ok with that because he is learning and growing each day. That's what is most important!

He is really loving right now. He wants to cuddle, be held, and gives hugs. This is very uncharacteristic of the Hudson we know, but we are enjoying it while it lasts. It may be over soon.

He really doesn't pay much attention to the tv unless he hears music on it. He does love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and watches it a few times a day. His favorite song is Hot dog from the show!

He also likes blankets a lot too. He drags them around the house and plays "Where's Hudson?" This is also new, he's never been really interested in blankets until now.
He loves being held by his momma, which can be tiring, but sweet. This too is a phase that will soon be over so we (even when he crys going to daddy) are trying to enjoy it.

He's so fun and active at this age. He definitely wears us out, but we love every minute with him!
Love you Hudson Hatch!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 7 & FaceTime

We are on our 7th day with no school. It's crazy! We got more snow last night, I don't know the totals but I don't think it really changed things too much. How could it when you've already gotten 20 inches?!
We have been up to our normal things...playing with Hudson's favorite toys, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, saying "hot dog", chasing the dogs, playing in the dog's water, shuting the doors, and all the other normal Hudson things! We even used FaceTime to talk to Aunt Abby today. I have to say that I am less than impressed with the quality of it though ;( It took us several times to get connected and then we had continual problems with it freezing. At least we got to see her face, we miss her very much! Maybe next time we will have a better experience with FaceTime.
We are out of school again tomorrow! We have the same agenda (as we have every day), but tomorrow we will add in laundry, making Valentine's for my students and a dentist appointment. We are hoping to be back in school on Friday, but there are no gaurantees of that yet...we shall wait and see!
Goodnight all!

P.S. I'm really excited to have found new fonts for the blog!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Salon Visit & Getting Out

Hudson and I had to get out of the house today & had a few errands to run so it was a good excuse to be out in the cold. We browsed Old Navy & TJ Maxx for a while, decided not to brave the crowded post office, and then got Hudson's hair cut AGAIN!
This boy has crazy growing hair like his daddy. This is our before picture, bed head and all!
We had a much less pleasant experience than the last time, as you can tell by his face. It wasn't our hair dresser's fault. Hudson has just learned a little bit more about getting his way since the last time and he sure knows how to tell you! Is it possible to have the terrible twos at age one? Kidding. But we are going through a bit of a phase.
Anyway, it was quite the fight to get him to be still so we ended up using clippers which he enjoyed a little more. That made it end up shorter than planned, but that's ok too. It means more time between cuts! This is our after picture (eating grapes). I know it's dark, but can you tell how short it is?
We are off school again tomorrow (day #6) so we are going to a visit a friend! Hopefully by next week we will be back to our regular schedule. February so far has been one crazy month!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plastic Kitchen

Hudson here!
Mom asked me to make her waffles in my new kitchen...
You can obviously tell by my face that I think she's crazy.
I mean seriously? Doesn't she know that I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach the stove?
And I can barely see the counter!
And the thing is made of plastic!
Maybe I'll take her out for donuts...

P.S. GO STEELERS! We are rooting for Papa's favorite team!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Snow Days

It's a winter wonderland out there. Literally. And we have mostly been staying home. We ventured out to Target & to get wings for dinner. That was the extent of our exploring and I'm ok with that.
Just when we thought 20 inches was enough, we got more snow today! I haven't heard if there is a new total, but it was pretty falling from the sky and it snowed for a long time!
We've been having lots of fun together & relaxing too!
 We've just been spending time with this little guy and his new toys! He really has them all figured out!
 We've played give and take with him; it's a new favorite.
We also tried out playing in the snow.
Can you tell how H feels about this?!
Our squinty eyes! It is so bright out there! And cold too! We are hoping for a big 38 degrees this weekend! 
We have been practicing the right way to go down the stairs...
and have been working on the "King of the World" stance!

Our excitement doesn't end there either...We've also said "hot dog" about a billion times and played "Where's Hudson?" just as many! Everything is now a hot dog, even the real dogs and dragging our blanket around the house & draping it over our head is like our new fashion statement. We live the real life ;). And love it. Next up...playing in a plastic kitchen!

Anyone else found anything uber exciting to do on snow days?!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sickness & Snow Days

Well things haven't been so cheery around this house lately and at times a little odd. Saturday afternoon I began to feel a bit achy and feverish. I felt somewhat ok Sunday morning and after lunch when I put H down for his nap, I needed one too. I woke up feeling worse and finally convinced Ryan to wake up and take me to Urgent Care for a diagnosis and to Bixby to make sub plans.
After driving by the window at Urgent Care and realizing that it was already closed and the waiting room was still full I knew I was going to have to wait and visit the regular doctor on Monday. I managed to get through sub plans and made it back home and was back in bed.
Monday was the worst day in the illness and I got into the doctor only to find out that I too had the flu. It seems to be the current illness of choice, especially in my teaching district. Thankfully it was mom's day with Hudson and the next few days were projected with mass amounts of snowfall so I had a babysitter, as mom's business would not be open due to the weather. I spent most of yesterday in bed, but managed to get up a bit in the evening to try dinner and see Hudson (although I tried to keep some distance).
I remember Ryan waking me up to say he was leaving for work, but I was pretty out and unaware of the time. I woke up to a call from him this morning saying that he was going to work a double so that he wouldn't have to try and brave going to B-ville tonight, although that would turn out to be impossible due to the weather conditions. I got a text from him around 2 saying how much he wanted to be home and then I called his store to let him know of his rescuers excursion to come pick him up. Dad & Jon (the rescue team) had ventured out in hopes that they would be able to make it to 31st St. to pick up Ryan and bring him home because his little Honda just wouldn't do the trick. After almost 3 hours and making it no further than the closest intersection outside of our neighborhood they were back home and Ryan was looking for alternate choices, like a friend's house to stay at until he could get home. A couple of young men came into Ryan's store to buy cigarettes and Ryan asked what they might be up to for the day. Before Ryan knew it they made a quick stop at the driver's house to let his mom know what he was up to and they were off on their trek to Owasso. A few dollars, picking up my sister, and two hours later my husband is home & doesn't return to work until Friday night! Praise the Lord! He works in mysterious ways sometimes!
I'm thankful we have snow days so I'm not eating up sick time, my husband found a 19 year old that could drive him safely home & get my sister along the way, and I have family that takes care of Hudson when I just can't do it.
I'll praise Him in this storm!