Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catching Up & The River

I promise we are still alive and breathing. August has swallowed us up and run us over, but thankfully we are almost to the end. I always say that if we can survive August we can survive anything. If you are or live with a teacher, you will understand. And with lots of other life things happening it seems like August has just been flat hard, but I believe God gives us more than we can handle so we will trust Him more.

The weekend after school started my family attended Family Camp in Gore. We couldn't stay for the weekend with the busyness of school starting, but we went out for a day. Bonus: Gigi and Pops were there and we don't get to see them very often. It was a fun treat!

Hudson got some extra time with his papa.

And was not interested in swimming in the river. He kept saying pool. My little suburban baby....
He was very much interested in the sticks and rocks though.

I'm so grateful for family! They have made this month easier in so many ways. We are finally getting back into our routines and I'm praying things stay somewhat normal. But no matter what I know God is good all the time!
Is anyone else ready for fall and the great things it brings?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sick Day

This poor guy has had a rough day. It started as soon as he woke up and hasn't gotten any better. He's been running a fever all day and it has gotten as high as 103.9. Thankfully our clinic has weekend pediatric hours so we were able to go to the doctor. We found out he now weighs 25lbs exactly, but he has a viral infection in his throat-which means it's lined with blisters. He has slept more today than I ever remember him sleeping outside of his first few days of life. It really makes me worry when he can fall asleep just about anywhere. It is unusual for him to sleep anywhere but his bed or occasionally in his car seat. Prayers would be much appreciated. I haven't been feeling 100% either and I need to go to work! And there is just nothing worse than a sick baby. It breaks my heart.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

19 Months

Hudson you're 19 months old!
I'm a little late getting this one up, but it's finally done!
You're wearing a mixture of 12 & 18 month clothes. I think you could be in 12 month pants forever because of your tiny waist, but we will see when it's time for jeans in the fall.
You wear size 6 shoes and size 4 diapers.

You have really figured out running lately and sure do a lot of it!
You love to be outside and have a new love for "wimming" and the pool. You try to put your swim shorts on yourself and love to bounce on the diving board (which scares everyone to death).

You are still a great eater and everyone comments about that. You are pretty good with your spoon and are liking forks more too. You think it's fun to stab things with your fork. You are so obsessed with dipping sauces and think you need a sauce for every food item on your plate.

You are learning new words all the time and occasionally a few phrases. The most ridiculous thing you say is "cheeto" in a really pitiful voice in hopes someone will feel sorry for you and give you some. You also have learned to say backpack and school and baby. Every little kid is a baby to you. You haven't quite figured out how to put the words you know together into phrases on our own yet. You also learned to sign again, which you most frequently used when you want to hear the Hot Dog song over and over.
You also love to tell everyone hi and bye and blow them kisses. You are such a people person!

You love to have your "piwow" and "bay bay" with you and play night night. You fake snore and it's hilarious. Speaking of naps you haven't been taking very good ones. I'm praying you aren't trying to give it up already because your momma won't let you. I attribute most of it to the fact that I went back to work, you are adjusting to your new schedule, and our lack of an air conditioned house.
You still are so into music and I don't think this will ever go away. You use the guitar from Guitar Hero to put on rock shows for us and you love to sing Twinkle Twinkle and If You're Happy and You Know It. You learned how to make stars with your fingers so anytime you want to sing it you do the sign for me. It's also the song you listen to at bedtime.

You can identify your eyes, hair, ears, nose, mouth, and teeth. You also say eye, teeth, and hair.

You have also been learning to count. Your favorite number used to be three, but now it's nine. Counting with you is quite hilarious because you always think 9 is always the next number.

You are also learning animal sounds. You currently know monkey, dog, cow, duck, and pig.
Daddy and I think you're the best boy in the whole world, even though you love to show us your ornery side. You are so fun and are so big! It's amazing to watch you learn and grow. We love life with you! But most of all we just love you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Post: Birthday Present

Not long ago, a little box came in the mail. It was my birthday gift from those two males who live in my house. They bought me this lovely necklace in celebration of my 25th. Aren't they sweet?

Just for the record, I'd love them the same without the gift.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School

We're in back to school mode. I have very mixed feelings about it. I love my job with all that's in me, but I hate leaving my boys. I love them even more than my job. That's another post for another time. Until then, I apologize for any lack of updates. We're all three adjusting to life again. Is summer really over?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Friend Weekend

Well, we've had a busy and fun "weekend." I wish I could share all 150 pictures I snapped on my iPhone throughout the fun, but that would be a little excessive. I'll just leave you with a short summary, pictures included.
It really started on Wednesday with a visit at Chick Fil A with Brax (I don't have any good pictures from this event). Hudson thinks Brax is so fun though and he called him baby all night.
Thursday, Hudson and Ayden got to enjoy the Splash Pad! If you want to know how much they liked it just check out Ayden's face. Need I say more?!
Afterwards, they enjoyed chocolate ice cream and play time. They had such a great day together!
Thursday night some our favorite friends, Steven and Katie, came into town for the weekend. We enjoyed their company and had to enjoy some of our rituals. We of course had to visit Ted's (it seems to be the best local attraction) where Hudson got his own mini sopapillas.
It takes Hudson most of the time to warm up to Steven, but they were doing pretty good better with each other by the time they left.
We also went to church and celebrated National Cheesecake Day with half price cheesecake! YUM!
We also visited the Route 66 attraction named Pops. It's such a fun place to eat and enjoy a customized beverage. I had Vanilla Dr. Pepper :) 
We all enjoyed yummy burgers and a great time. Do you get the sense that all we did was eat?! I don't think we normally eat as much in a week as we did in 3 days! 
And of course you can't visit Pops without taking this picture!
We are so thankful that our sweet friends made the drive to come see us! We appreciate it so much. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend with no big plans and LOTS of yummy food! We also had homemade pizza, ribs and potato salad, and a big breakfast of eggs, hash browns and biscuits. Are you hungry yet? If you come visit us you will enjoy the same hospitality ;)
We love you friends! Thanks again for the visit!