Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Week

Sitting here with my late night bowl of cereal and thought I should update about what we’ve been doing. {Don’t act surprised, I know you’ve noticed my belly is growing :)}

Anyway, here is a little of what we’ve been up to:

photo (72)

Hud got a haircut!

428951_10100751828995632_1994592250_nphoto (73)

We met up with our buddies at the cutest little water park and Hudson had a blast! He even ventured out and swam with floaties and tried a fast slide into the big pool!

photo (74)

Hud is exploring the idea of wearing Thomas undies, but he’s still not interested in the potty. He hasn’t figured out that you can’t have one without the other. Tonight he wet his undies and said “Thomas is sad.” ha!


I’ve had a few get togethers with my favorite teachers {yes already!} and we are getting prepared for the August Rush!

photo (75)

And I’m quickly realizing that all of my summer goals need to be complete, like yesterday! So we’ve been doing lots of projects around here-painting, sewing, mod podging {not a real word}, etc. But Hayden’s room is coming together nicely and we’ve taken care of several other house projects too! All of that to come in another post, can’t wait to share that!

Okay it’s another busy week of school to do’s and a trip out of town. Better get to it! Have a great week ya’ll!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

24 Weeks

photo (17)

How Far Along: 24 Weeks

Size of baby: the length of an ear of corn

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +11lbs {haven’t checked lately}

Maternity Clothes: wearing a good combination of regular and maternity.

Gender: It’s a Boy! {Hayden Greer}

Movement: Yes! You can even see my belly move now!

Sleep: Just having wild dreams and staying up too late at night. Hoping I can get back into the school routine soon!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

Cravings: FOOD and water! I feel like a hungry hungry hippo!

Symptoms: crazy dreams and a big belly ;)

Best Moment this week: Watching my belly move around while Hayden plays inside of me! Also making lots of progress in his room!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Just a few pictures of some things we’ve been up to this weekend.

photo (67)

We went swimming with daddy and Hud did some cuddling and watched Thomas. I also made peach cobbler from our Porter peaches and it was SO yummy!


We spent today with family celebrating Aunt Cassie’s birthday! We sure do love her!

photo (68)

Hud also took his cousins to his favorite splash pad!

photo (69)

And they enjoyed it just as much as he did!

photo (70)

We’ve also been working on some projects for Hayden’s room! We are now beginning our last real week of freedom (and trying to get SO much done) before we have to get back into school mode. I’m trying to get my brain into all things Kindergarten. It’s a hard transition, I’m SO enjoying summer! I guess I better get ready, August is coming on fast! Where did summer go?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Porter Peaches

DSC_0123 copy

I’ve always heard about the peach capital of Oklahoma and they’re festival so this year we decided to check it out ourselves. It was definitely much more small and quaint than I expected, but we also went on a weeknight and most of the activities are this weekend.

DSC_0008 copy

Before heading to the festival we stopped at the orchard. Livesay is one of my favorites, we take our Kinders each year and it’s nothing short of AMAZING for them! In the fall we visit the pumpkin playland, pick our own pumpkins, and have a hayride. I can’t wait to take H this fall since I know he’s old enough to enjoy these events!


Because it’s not the right season we just visited the market for some fresh peaches and other produce. We ended up with green beans, potatoes, peach BBQ sauce(yum), and enough peaches to share with all of the 918 I’m sure!


We turned back to see Hudson eating a peach before we even left the parking lot.


It was definitely hot, but we kept cool in the misters. This is Hud’s reaction!


They have lots of carnival food and crafts to enjoy! We enjoyed a big lemonade and burgers!

DSC_0062 copyDSC_0064 copy

And Hud and daddy enjoyed some Jupiter jumps and slides!

DSC_0043DSC_0041 copy 3

And right when we were ready to leave we spotted the…


train! And there was no escaping without a ride.

DSC_0085 copy 2

So we dug to the bottom of mommy’s purse for enough change for a ride. (did I mention we made it there and I had forgotten cash? Oops!)And somebody was excited!

DSC_0091 copy

He just couldn’t take his eyes off “Thomas” and didn’t stop talking about it either. I don’t think he could say "train” or “Thomas” one more time while we were there.

DSC_0098 copy 3

He was in train heaven and waited so patiently for our turn to ride.

DSC_0110 copy

He chose to ride the caboose! We had a nice “small town” time and Hud would definitely tell you that he had fun! And I’m most excited about our bucket full of Porter peaches! Better get to that cobbler!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two {and a half}

Today is Hudson’s half birthday so I wanted to post about all that he is up to! I know it has changed a lot since he turned two and will change a lot more before he turns three, so here goes!

DSC_0830 copy

You wear 2T shirts and jammies but mostly 18-24 month pants/shorts. You wear a size 7 shoe and size 5 diaper.

You are 36 inches tall and I’m guessing about 29 pounds.

You are still a really great eater. You really LOVE breakfast and usually eat a granola bar and a bowl of cereal every morning. You are usually ready for a snack about an hour later. You are not a great lunch eater (you just eat a few bites), but eat a great dinner and always snack after naptime. You have foods that you really love like rice, beans, tacos, cottage cheese, salad and chips. But you mostly everything. You definitely don’t like bananas and have recently decided to not like pickles.

DSC_0703 copy

You talk all day long about everything you are doing and about what everyone else is doing. You love to watch people and are very observant then you like to ask questions about what they are up to. You always want to know where everyone is like “Where’d grandma go?” Right now you are really into calling me mama. I think it’s super cute! You don’t EVER stop talking! Ok maybe when you are playing shy around new people.

You have a great sleep schedule. You go to bed around 8:30 but we have been a little lenient on that this summer. You are usually awake by 8am and nap at 2 each day. You still nap for two hours and I am SO thankful for that! You are a bear when you don’t get a good nap! Your favorite thing to do before nap or bedtime is “lay on the couch.” You beg to have a few minutes before you go to bed.

You are really NOT into potty training right now and that’s ok. I’m hoping and praying that you will decide to before the new baby, but you I’m not pushing when you aren’t ready. You HATE wearing underwear even though you picked it out yourself and only want to sit on the potty for 2.1 seconds. Oh well, it’ll happen when you’re ready.

DSC_0743 copy 

You are into a few movies lately-Toy Story, Cars, and Finding Nemo. You are also in LOVE with Thomas the Train.

You love to play outside, dig in the dirt and help water the “rass.” You could blow bubbles for hours and you are never ready to go inside.

DSC_0745 copy

Your favorite inside toys are definitely your car (which really is an outside toy), your guitars, and your trains & cars. You love to read books and your Bible. You pretend to put your stuffed animals to bed by reading them a Bible story, turning on your music and shutting them in your room. You are really good at playing by yourself around the house, but LOVE when your aunts or uncles come over and play in your room with you.

You are definitely having fits in your “terrible twos” and we have our moments of battle. When you get upset you will hit or kick, but you are learning that it’s not ok. It’s definitely a process and we’ll get through it.


You love to “write” to Gigi and Pops! Anytime daddy or I try to write you spell your name for us. You can count almost to 10 when you focus and do it! It’s hilarious to hear you count on your own though because you’re always skipping numbers like “4,5,13” ha!

The sweetest thing about you is your concern for others. You have a very sensitive side and you really care. You get upset when someone is sad and love to pray for people. Every night you say thank you for a list of things and it’s so honest and sweet.

The biggest change to your life right now is getting ready for your baby brother. You have days where you want to talk about and sound excited and days that you do NOT! But that is definitely expected. I know you will be a great big brother because you are so caring, but it will definitely take some adjusting to for you!


Daddy and I love you MORE than you will ever ever know!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Week {Picture Overload}

Trying to do better with writing about everyday activities so here is a glimpse at our week.


We started our week with a play date at the park. Hudson was especially fond of this park’s train and he enjoyed the splash pad too. This was our first SP trip this summer so it took him a while to warm up!


He and Annie had a great time running around though!     


Tuesday was a birthday {mine}and my boys treated me to a sweet day! We went to lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse. It was Hudson’s first hibachi grill experience and he definitely enjoyed it. I thought he would be a little scared of the fire, but he just kept talking about how hot it was and staring so intently.


He even tried to eat with chopsticks! I wouldn’t say he was very successful though it was a good effort.

IMG_2376 copyIMG_2384

After some shopping, a pedicure, and a nap {I told you it was a good day} we met up with family for Italian! YUMMY! Hudson also helped me blow out my ice cream cake candles. A special thanks to Ms. Janice for the yummiest ice cream cake EVER!


Wednesday we decided to use our Groupon to the zoo! Hudson’s favorite animal is the {baby} giraffe. He also likes to watch the sea lion swim and see “Happy Feet” aka the penguins.


Hudson had a lot of fun at the petting zoo too!


And besides riding the train {twice} he will tell you that this boat was his favorite thing about the zoo. We take him to see the animals and all he really wants to do is drive the boat and ride the train. He cracks me up!

The rest of the week H was pretty under the weather so we laid low at home. He was SUPER excited that we got to meet his buddy Brax for breakfast this morning and he got to spend the day with Papa & Mae Mae while mommy was at photo class!

DSC_0343 editedDSC_0470

My friend Julie and I got to spend some time learning about using camera settings and trying out them out. Thanks to my sweet friend for the Groupon, I am now more knowledgeable with the camera {not perfect by getting better}! Can you see my baby bump in the glass? I can’t wait to try out some of these new techniques on my boy!

Well another week down and a new one begins. Our weeks at home together are quickly becoming numbered so we’re trying to enjoy them as much as we can! Next week’s agenda includes Mae Mae’s birthday, swimming and time with friends! What are you doing to beat the heat?

Monday, July 9, 2012

22 Weeks

photo (65)

{excuse my squinty eyes}

How Far Along: 22 Weeks

Size of baby: the length of a spaghetti squash

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +11lbs {haven’t checked lately}

Maternity Clothes: a few, but I can still wear a lot of my regular clothes.

Gender: It’s a Boy! {Hayden Greer}

Movement: Feeling the baby move a lot. It’s always when I am laying down and after I eat!

Sleep: Just having wild dreams! I already had my first back to school dream and school is more than a month away!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

Cravings: FOOD and water! I feel like a hungry hungry hippo!

Symptoms: crazy dreams and a big belly ;)

Best Moment this week: Hud and I went on a date to the movies. We ate popcorn mixed with sixlets and Hayden danced around in my belly the WHOLE time. He either loved the loud noise or really loves popcorn and chocolate!

photo (66)

And of course a picture of my guys! Notice they are both in the middle of saying cheese!