Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tornado Season

So I came home from work today to a sleeping baby and I was so ready to cuddle up with him and nap myself. It's a rainy day, and pajama day at school, so there is nothing I could have wanted more. It was our last full day of school and my kids were hyped up on sugar. I mean really hyped up. Chocolate pudding. Popcorn. Gummy worms. Snocones. Movies. Hawaiian Punch. Pajamas. Those don't all contain sugar but they do all contain whatever it is that makes Kindergartens WILD! Yes parents, I'm probably a bad teacher for giving my kids all that junk. But it's the last day of school, what teacher doesn't?!
Anyway, back to the point...I was worn out!  The whole way home I listened to the news about tornadoes forming in towns near Stillwater and I was just praying that nothing really came of it. I was wrong. By 6pm, Cassie was back at our house and Ryan was home from work and we were in a tornado warning. We stocked the bathroom with everything we needed in case of bad weather.
Ryan and Cassie hung out on the fronch porch most of the time watching the clouds and looking for any formations. Hudson and I opted to hang out near the bathroom in case it got close.
It got dark pretty fast and really started looking nasty so we all hung out in the bathroom for awhile just to be safe.
As far as I know, they tracked it all the way down 51 and then it moved into the northeast corner of the county. I don't think there was ever anything on the ground in Stillwater. Just some really crazy clouds and rain (I'm so not a weather expert so don't rely on my limited information).

I'm thankful that we could all be together and keep each other company. I definitely dislike being alone with Hudson when the weather is bad. It's definitely a bit scary. And I'm praying that everyone else who has tornado warnings out there tonight is safe.

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