Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I was going to write a post to say that we have all been sick lately, thus my lack of blogging, and that I was not going to share any pictures of the little guy because he hasn't been feeling well and just looks sick. BUT lucky for you, I'm sharing pictures anyway! He is just so stinking cute anyway (at least I think so) and he is sleeping in most of these pictures so you can't see how sad his eyes look.
Anyway, Monday afternoon we were just all feeling pretty terrible and have been trying to recover since. Luckily I got better pretty quickly but the poor "men" of the house are still working on getting there. Ryan is currently feeling the worst and Hudson seems to be much better! Praise the Lord for that! There is nothing worse than a sick baby that you really can't do anything for.
So it's been a pretty dull week here. Just trying to stay rested and work towards getting well again. I think we are almost there.
From the looks of this picture daddy and baby had a pretty good day together. Ryan captioned this picture, "All Partied Out" ha! I'm not sure why Ryan decided to put the bottle cap on his forehead, by the way. But I am thankful for his sense of humor.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week and isn't suffering from all the sickness we have been. Unfortunately mom and dad ended up with it too :( Praying everyone has a speedy recovery!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm so proud of all of the runners who participated in the OKC Memorial Marathon! Ryan ran a relay with his twin brother and a few coworkers. They all did great!
Hudson and I had a fun time hanging out watching all the runners go by. And it brought back lots of memories of our fun team last year! I'm definitely NOT a runner. At all. By any means. But it's a great experience and an awesome way to honor those who lost their lives. My favorite moment was seeing the two firemen pass by wearing ALL of their gear. It's awesome that they would do that in honor of all those who lost their lives in the Murrah building. And to see every one stand up and cheer for them made me a little teary eyed. It was truly sweet.
Congrats to all of the runners! Maybe I will participate again next year?!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

I was so excited that Ree was coming to Stillwater, so Hudson and I got all ready to go and we were pumped! I thought that getting their an hour early would leave us plenty of time to get in line and pretty close to the front at that, but I was wrong! When we got there we noticed a giant line probably between 75-100 people long. I thought, Ok we can do this. We have to wait one hour until she starts signing then we have one more hour until we have to be at church. Boy was I wrong!
We waited and waited and waited and that line was just not moving. In the midst of this Hudson was stinking up the place and I was so embarressed that I was going to take a stinky baby to meet the Pioneer Woman. After two diaper changes and lots of talking to the ladies in line (by Hudson, not me) we ran out of time and just couldn't wait any longer.
Luckily, my friend Lindsay was there and she offered to get my cookbook signed for me so I could still have an autographed copy. So I left pretty disappointed.
Well here is where the story gets better, because you tell by the picture below that it obviously didn't end there! After church I thought I would drive by Hastings again and see if she still happened to be signing books and she WAS! So we went in, bought a book for mom and dad (since I already had one for myself) and jumped in line. We were the caboose and I was kind of excited about being her last fan of the day, but a family showed up after me. We talked with Ree's husband, the Marlboro Man as she refers to him, and he was super nice! I was telling him this crazy story that I'm telling you now. He said that he would definitely show up at he end if it were him instead of waiting in line all day. I think it's sweet of him to come and hang out with her while she signs books for hours on end.
Hudson woke up just in time to say hello! She tried to guess his age. She guessed 11 weeks and he is 12! She did so good! I was so impressed with her age guessing skills ha!
I'm not too happy with this picture of me, but I love Hudson's face. It's as if he is thinking, who is this lady?
So after a crazy day of waiting and anticipation to meet Ree we finally got it accomplished. And I ended up with a book for myself and my parents!
If you don't "know" her you can check out her story, recipes, and photography here!
We are going to make her spaghetti and meatball recipe this week!
Happy Cooking!

Kids Say the Cutest Things!

Ok, so I have to get these written down so I don't forget them because they are just too cute!

We took our students to see a concert called Giddy Up and Learn. Since it was cowboy themed we told them to wear their western attire! This is not difficult for many of the students in my class since the town is filled with many cowboys and cowgirls :) Anyway that morning as they all arrived in their cute western wear and were getting ready to go, one of little boys came in looking very glum. We proceeded to ask him what was the matter. Here is the answer we got:
"I don't like all these cowboys, I'm not a cowboy. I'm an Indian!" They are so matter of fact in Kindergarten because he truely is Indian, he's not lying!

"An x-ray is where they look inside your body and see if you swallowed something."

After having a discussion about whether we would be attending PE or Music one day a boy said this when he saw which special we were attending. "I stand corrected"

B was reading a book about snakes when T decided to tell him that he could kill those snakes with his bow and arrow. B responded with, "You have a bow and arrow?" T's reply, "Yes I have a bow and arrow I'm Indian, duh."

B: "Hey C, do you know Elvis?"
C: "No"
B: "Well he is pretty cool. He died of a heart attack."
B: "But I don't know what a heart attack is."
T joins conversation: "A heart attack is when you stop breathing."

B: "I love C. Do you know why Mrs. Hatch?"
Me: "No why?"
B: "Because he wears cute clothes and he's stylin'"
Ha if only we could think like the innocent minds of Kindergarteners the world would be a much simpler place!

All Things Random

Last weekend we took a trip home. It was nice to get away from all things Stillwater, sometimes you just need a break.
Hudson had a great time showing off how he plays with his toys and being loved on by the family!
Aunt Ashton taught Hudson how to write her name. You know that's an important step in life! Ha Love you Ashton! We had a big family taco dinner. There is nothing I love more than being with all the family and just hanging out and eating. Of course the last part is the most important right?! ha
Here is what the little man was doing when I picked him up from daycare yesterday!
He was making us laugh yesterday because we woke him up and he was just so happy and couldn't stop smiling to eat. Then he laughed the whole way to daycare. He ended up in pjs at daycare because he spit up, but it's happening a lot less and in smaller amounts so I'm thankful for that!
Ryan and I went on a dinner date last night. We stopped by Hasting's to pick up a movie on our way home and of course they had to have this display right by the door! Have I ever mentioned that I love cupcakes?! I really just couldn't decide which one I should buy first. I think I'm going to have to start a cupcake cookbook collection! But I resisted because I' going back today to get this cookbook and an autographed copy at that!
Hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing to Say

I really don't have much to say so I just thought I'd share a few pictures.
This is Hudson trying on his hat for those sunny summer days. We had to make sure it fit just in case we needed it at Boomer, but luckily we didn't.
I know, I know, his hat doesn't match his outfit.
Hudson came to visit mommy at work!! I love when he does that!
My kids just say, "Aww he's so cute." over and over again.I think Ryan was a little overwhelmed at bus duty with all the kids. He looked at me and said, "We are only having one child." Ha! Welcome to Kindergarten where they are LOUD and talkative!

Anyway, does anyone have any good recipes to make in a roaster pan? Ive had it since Christmas and have yet to use it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Mom and I took the little man to the doctor today.
The good news is that he is growing and now weighs 12lbs 13oz. That's a whole 2 pounds in 1 month! He is still in the 25-50% range so he is just average.
The bad news is that he hasn't been doing well with eating lately. He gets really irritated, spits up A LOT, and just doesn't seem to feel good. So we took him to the doctor to find out what is going on. We were told exactly what we thought he had after a suggestion and a little research, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Most people call it acid reflux.
Like the doctor said, it's more of a laundry problem than a medical problem. It should go away by the time he is about 7 months old, but until it does we are just making a few changes. Hudson has his first bottle with rice cereal today! It should sit in his stomach better than formula or breastmilk without it. He also has to take baby Zantac. Who knew they had such a thing?!
The good news is that he is still a perfect baby to us and the happiest one with reflux that our doctor has seen! She takes good care of our little Hudson and I am thankful for that. He will be fine, it just a few small hurdles to get him there. Nothing that we can't handle though, or I should say that God can't handle for us :)
Hope everyone had a happy Monday! Only 4 more Mondays until school is out! I can't believe it's almost over! I feel like there is so much to do!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 Months Old

Hudson today is your 3 month birthday!
You are growing and changing a lot and have done so much this past month!

We haven't been to the doctor so we aren't sure how much you weigh, but you are definitely growing! You are starting to grow out of your newborn clothes, but don't quite fit in the 3-6 yet. You are kind of in an akward clothing stage but we are working through it!

You are still wearing size 1 diapers!

You still eat every 2-3 hours and eat both formula and breastmilk.

You're getting into a pretty good sleep schedule even though its not 100% consistent. But most nights you go to bed at 9:30, wake up between 2-3am to eat and then sleep until 6:30. Mommy is pretty happy with that for now!

You are becoming more active everyday. You love to sit up and do a good job holding your head up and looking around. You hate to lay down when people hold you, you are really interested in what everyody else is doing. You also like to stand up! You kick ALL the time! You love to lay on your tummy time mat and kick your feet, but you hate using it for tummy time! You have discovered that you have control over your hands and you are still trying to figure out exactly how that works. Mommy was so excited the other day when you got your toy to your mouth! Mostly you just put your fists in your mouth though!

You hate being in your carseat right now because you can't move, but once we get you to the car you fall right asleep! You are also staring to enjoy your swing more, we use it alot when you are tired because it helps you fall asleep.

You have done a lot of fun things this month like, getting to hang out with Ayden, celebrating you're first Easter, going on your first walk at Boomer, and going to LifeKIDS while mommy and daddy go to church. You are such a good baby and everyone always compliments you on that; that makes mommy proud :) You are very alert and strong willed. You are proving more and more everyday that you are very particular about things (you get that mommy's side of the family)!
Daddy and I love you so very much and we love watching you smile and play each day. We love the new things you are always learning to do and we love how you smile when you see us. We couldn't imagine how life could be any better than with our little guy :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catching Up

I'm so far behind on updates and I apologize! But it seems like for the past two weeks someone in this house has been sick. Yuck-this time it's me. I got it on Friday and it's just progressively gotten worse. Not exactly the way I intended to spend my last 3 day weekend of the school year. But oh well! I'll be alright as I assured one of my kids today when he said, "Are you okay?" in the sweetest voice as I was coughing today!
We haven't been up to much here. Just hanging out and playing a lot more. Hudson loves to kick so he wears his rattle booties a lot!
Sad to say that these pictures are almost 2 weeks old. My camera never seems to be in the right room when I need it so I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. So below are the most recent pictures I have! I need to get better about grabbing my camera, but it definitely is not a priority anymore as much as I want to document as much of this little guy's life as I can. So for now I wil just use my iPhone when it's most handy.
Sorry that was so pointless, back to Hudson! 
He's been trying to figure out his hands and it's so cute. He watches them move a lot, but hasn't quite figured out how to control them.
The other day Ryan yelled for me to hurry up and come into the bedroom. I went in to see this! I had seen it happen but Ryan hadn't yet. Ryan was so excited about the fact that he could start holding his own bottle soon. But in all reality we probably have a while. Hudson likes to put his hands on his bottle now, but he isn't actually doing any of the work, he is just using his hands more. One day he will do this on his own though.
So that is our past few days in a nutshell. Things seem to be slowing down a bit and it's nice to have more time at home to just hang out with Hudson. I am definitely excited about getting to spend this summer just being with my baby boy.
Will you all pray for where God wants us "next year"? A lot of things are up in the air and unknown, something I don't really like, but I'm trusting that God's plan is always better and more perfect than what I can make on my own. He promises that in Jeremiah 29:11.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Extravangza!

Warning: LONG POST! But it's mostly pictures because I think most of the people who read this blog don't really want to read it they are just looking for pictures of the little guy ;)
So here goes our Easter weekend fun in pictures, with subtitles!
First of all Aunt Erin gave Hudson sink baths! He really didn't know what to think about it!
And we got to go help her hunt eggs with her Pre-K kids!
Then we went to Patty's house! This is not Patty, this is Jordan. Hudson was tired, hungry, and hot so he showed everyone his angry side. But we fixed it so they at least got to see his calm sleeping side, hopefully next time they will see happy Hudson!
Then Hudson made his first bunny debut! It was obvisouly so exciting that he slept through it. Good thing though, because we thought that he was kind of a creepy one.
More sink baths!
Easter Egg Hunting at church, again so exciting that we could sleep through it!
Aunt Erin put him in his basket and he really didn't enjoy it!
Bob came over for pizza and Hudson time!
Hudson looked so cute in his first Easter outfit!
He's just a stylin' little man!
Siblings and spouses at church on Easter!
Of course that bunny had to come visit and left H some pretty cool stuff!
But only because he had a really cool basket to put it in thanks to Aunt Erin and Kelly for the idea!
Aunt Erin, Aunt Abby and H dyed eggs too!
And daddy gave him chocolate when mommy wasn't around!
All in all we had a good weekend! Even though we (Hudson and Ryan) left sick :( But they are getting better so thanks for your prayers!

It was an amazing Easter and through all of the fun we had quality time with family and didn't forget that the real reason we celebrate this commercialized holiday. Over 2000 years ago Jesus died on a cross so we could live. What could be better than that?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pray for us, please. We've got a sick daddy and baby :( and it makes for one sad mom. Watching your baby be sick is so hard and it's worse when daddy can't help.

I miss my happy, smiling baby!

Friday, April 2, 2010

This Week

What's Hudson up to this week?


(Check out those cool rattle booties!)

Hanging with Daddy,
Ryan's been off work this week so they have spent a lot of time together! I think it's making for one tired dad!

And learning how to work in
the garage with grandpa!