Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Graduation has come and gone and I think Ryan just doesn't know what to do with himself. I think he is having a hard time really believing that he won't be worrying about class schedules, paying for a mountain of books, and doing homework this fall.
I'm so excited and proud of him! He has worked hard to juggle a full time job, college classes, band and a family. He deserves it so much!
Hudson is proud too! So proud that he let everyone in GIA know that he was present on Saturday. He gave a few good, loud cries for the whole audience to hear.
Look at all those graduates? Isn't that amazing? Ryan graduated in the second of three undergraduate ceremonies held at OSU on Saturday.
Like I said before. We are so proud of "daddy"!
He works so hard for us and we appreciate every bit of it.
I just love this picture of him. I pray that he understands the value of hard work and that we are good models of it.
After graduation we met up with the rest of Ryan's family in OKC. Unfortunately, it just happened that Ryan's twin brother and his wife were graduating the same day as Ryan. This meant that Ryan couldn't be at his brother's graduation and the family had to split up too. They were just too far apart to make it to both, but we all met up for a celebration dinner in the evening.
These are the three graduates with the Hatch parents.

It was a great day as we celebrated these accomplishments, but it was super long! We finally made it to Tulsa around midnight to be with the family the next day for Mother's Day. I am so proud of Ryan and so thankful that he has the determination and will to never give up. He is setting a great example for our family and I know that all of his hardwork is paying off. He is still really figuring out what he wants to be now that he is "grown up" (ha), but I know that God has a perfect plan and that He will use Ryan's talents for what He intended them for.

Ryan, thank you for never giving up. Thank you for balancing so many things at once to do what was best for our family. And thank you for loving Hudson and I immeasurably. We love you and are proud of you!

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