Monday, February 25, 2008

Pain of the Emergency Room

Sunday morning sometime between 3:30-4:00 am I woke up with excruciating pain in my stomach. My first thought was that it must be something I ate that was not digesting properly or something to that affect, but I had no idea what was wrong. It was just completely the worst thing I have ever felt in my entire existence. I sent Ryan a text hoping that he would hear it, but knew that was unlikely to happen. I felt really bad about bothering him, but I had no idea what to do. I finally got up the nerve and energy to go use the restroom; that did not make me feel any better, so I headed back to bed. By that time I was completely shaking and almost crying, still with no idea what to do to make it stop. So I figured my best option would be to call Ryan. Ryan tried to comfort me the best possible, but was really unsure how to help either. He tried searching the Internet, unfortunately there were just to many possibilities of things it could be. So we decided we better call my parents and see what they thought I should do. My mom was out of town, but I tried to call her anyway and got no answer. I decided I better call my dad although I hated to bother anyone. He gave me the assurance I needed that I should just go to the ER and see what was wrong; there are just too many sicknesses right not to wait around and see what it could be.
Ryan came over immediately to drive me to the ER. I put on a hoodie and my slippers and slowly scooted myself to the door. He had another hoodie and a blanket for me in the car so I could keep warm and try to be comfortable. We arrived at the hospital and I made it into the door and into the closest seat next to the door. I looked around an noticed I was accompanied by a Gonzaga baseball player and possibly a coach or sponsor, and two ladies who seemed to be waiting on someone who had already been admitted. Ryan was kind enough to fill out all the paperwork and all those necessary items. I was in too much pain to even think about what my name or address was to answer the necessary questions. I received the lovely hospital bracelet with my name spelled with an extra 'r' now making me "Loderhoser" Oh well I was in too much pain to care. As soon as Ryan got it on me I pointed to the nearest trash can and informed him that I felt the urge to throw up. Instead of allowing me to use the public trash can he got me one of those convenient little barf bags. Within seconds it all started coming up and I was so embarrassed that those five other waiting there had to see and hear my disgusting mess.
It wasn't long after, that a nurse came to get me. We went into a little room and she asked me all kinds of questions and took my temperature and blood pressure. She then walked me into a room with a hospital bed and told me to have a seat. She informed me that they would be giving me an IV to prepare for the worst case scenario which would be taking out my appendix. This made me completely nervous and uncomfortable due to the fact that I hate needles nor had I ever had an IV. Before they entered the IV I was going to use the restroom, when I felt like I was going to past so I immediately laid back down on the bed and began feeling extremely hot. So a male nurse began my IV and it was not fun, but I made it through. They drew blood and then gave me medicines for pain and nausea. In the meantime I got another cool bracelet with my name still spelt wrong and the doctor came in to ask me more questions and do all that doctor stuff. I was in too much pain to care about anything really. Finally I made it to the restroom, then another nurse brought me a blanket and dimmed the lights to make sure I was comfortable. At that point I was beginning to get comfortable and started dozing off even though I was trying to talk to Ryan and keep him company. I felt bad that he had to sit in an uncomfortable hospital chair at 5am.
After that a lady came in and said that they would be doing a CT scan to look at my appendix and see if that was the real problem. She gave me a bunch of information and asked me a lot of questions (which I don't remember), then had me sign a consent form. I do remember that she said my white blood cell count was high and that she thought it was probably my appendix that was causing all the pain. I called my dad to keep him informed and text my sister to tell her that mom needed to call me when she woke up. Then another nurse showed up to wheel me down to the room where they would do the scan. That was a new experience as well, but didn't require much of me; just had to lay on a bed with my arms above my head and breathe when the machine told me too. Then I was wheeled back into my room where I dozed off for a while until the doctor came back in with the news...
He said the good news is that it was not my appendix so there would be no surgery. But then he said the bad news was that I had two cysts on my ovaries. One of them ruptured causing all the pain I had been experiencing. Then one of the nurses came back to give me instructions and paperwork to take home and prescriptions. Then she took out the IV and sent me home.
We got home a little after 7am and I headed back to bed. I talked to my mom sometime in there and am not sure if I made much sense, I was pretty tired. I woke up a few hours later and tried to walk. I still had to bend over to walk and was still experiencing pain. There is nothing they can really do for me except give me pain medicine and wait for the fluids from the rupture are absorbed back into my system.
Everyone has been so helpful and sweet including the nurses, doctors, my wonderful fiance, and roommates. They have been bringing me food, drinks, presents to keep me occupied, and taking care of Rylee. I don't know what I would do without any of them, especially Ryan because he has been by my side as much as possible. He also ended up with a sore back from trying to sleep in a hospital chair. I love him, he is so good to me.
So I have been laying around the house the last two days and am getting extremely restless and bored. I am still experiencing a little bit of pain and a small amount of nausea. However I can walk better today, actually standing up straight and not having to hold onto everything I can. But I hope to be feeling well enough tomorrow to head back to my second graders, but we will have to see.
P.S.Thanks for everyone who read all the way through this too! I'm sorry it was so long!
Thanks for every one's love and support! I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who have been so helpful.