Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wanted to share some pictures

The love of my life!
My loving brother! He is a great friend!
The greatest sisters!

If you know me then you know I love pictures! They are such a great reminder of wonderful times in my life. Here are a few that I love! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today I decided I wanted to begin to count my blessings-they are abundant and never ending. But here are just a few of the things I praise God for everyday!
-I have a God who is in control. He never lets me down or disappoints. He is my all and everything and the reason I'm alive.
-I have a precious family who wants nothing for the best for me and will never do anything but support and love me.
-I have an amazing husband who is my biggest fan. He is my encourager and my one true love. He is patience, giving, and understanding.
-I have the most wonderful job in the world. I get to spend my days with 23 smart and creative fifth graders. They bring me great joy. I get the opportunity every single day to help children and that warms my heart.
-I am able to work while my husband completes school. I can support our family and we can be independent. We own our own house, pay our own bills, and provide for ourselves! God is always faithful!
-I can help others. Whether it is with a smile, a hug, donating old clothes, or giving a few dollars to help someone out. I am thankful that every day God gives me opportunities to make a difference for others. That is what my life is all about. I don't judge on money, political views, or materialism; it's all about loving the world like Jesus does.
-I'm thankful that I have a God who keeps promises.
One of my favorite passages of the Bible is Psalm 37. Read it. It reminds me daily not to worry about the world, but trust in God because He is the real reason for life!
Have a blessed day.