Friday, July 19, 2013


The few weeks after school got our were kind of a whirlwind! I was trying to wrap up all the normal end of year duties, but was having a hard time not knowing what was in store for the following year. My sister's school had a Kindergarten opening and she really wanted me to apply. I was hesitant. Really hesitant. I was in a place that I LOVED and why would I leave that? Well for the shorter commute and family time and working with my sister and the hometown comfort. But why would I leave the place that I loved? With coworkers that I loved. I put it off for awhile until she asked me enough and it was the last minute. So I sent her principal my resume. Granted I didn't have a resume so I had to make one. And was really torn about whether or not I wanted anything to come from it.
Then I got called for an interview. I hated this part. I hated that I felt sneaky even though school was out. But like I said I was having a hard time closing up my classroom when I wasn't sure of my future. So I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would give me peace about the right decision because honestly I wanted to bawl my eyes out just thinking about leaving my very favorite Kindergarten neighbor and the other twenty kindergarten people I worked with every day. This place was my home away from home and these ladies were like my sisters, teaching sisters.  
{old classroom}
So late one night I did the official application and read up on a few things and prepared for an interview. And mostly I prayed for that peace because my heart was so torn. And I just wanted to know that whatever decision I made was the right one. So I went to the interview it was great and the people were so down to earth and friendly. I walked out knowing that this was the place I was supposed to be. I had complete peace. Supernatural peace that only comes from above. 
{Side note-The same day that I interviewed Ryan also interviewed for a different position in his company. And I knew he definitely needed change so all of this what was best for our family all the way around.}
I had some unofficial news the next day, but had to wait several days until they could make it official. Once it was official came the really tough part-telling my kindergarten favorites what I was up to. And I did tear up a little lot while trying to share the news {poor principal is probably tired of me crying in his office, but that's a story for another time...}.
{new classroom-still very much in progress}
I cannot tell you how much more respect and love I have for those ladies after I told them. They completely supported me. They didn't want me to go, but they wanted me to do what was best for my family and they would support me in that no matter what it was. And for that I am SO grateful. Those ladies are definitely lifelong friends.
So I was finally able to pack my classroom up and say my "see ya laters" to the wonderful people of North. And my awesome family and in-laws came and helped me move in the rain! And slowly but surely I'm going to be prepared for a lot of new and a lot of change. But I have not been one bit hesitant anymore. God has given me peace and shown me that He always provides and He knows whats best. And how cool is it that I get to teach across the hall from my sister who I love & adore?! And who always has the BEST ideas! I know some great and fun things are in store for us this year!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kiddie Park

We have been working on our summer bucket list and checking out the Kiddie Park was one of them!
I didn't know how this trip would turn out. Last summer we went to Silver Dollar City and encouraged him to try a ride. He was not going to have it.
So this time we talked about how we were going to a park that had trains, boats, cars and lots of fun things to ride. 
When we got there he chose to ride the boat first. I think that was a good choice, it was nice and mellow. Then he rode the tractor. Another good choice. 
He tried the airplane next, I really thought he would get upset about the flying in the air part. He just kep turning around watching everything going on. He really liked it! 
Valerie and her friend tagged along.
Hud and I decided to spin out of control! 
No actually we didn't do much spinning and that was good for both of us!
Sweet Hayden was so good just to hang out in the stroller and watch all that was going on!
Hud put Hayden hat on backwards. Cute cute boy if I do say so myself!
Then Hud got really brave and decided to try the roller coaster. 
He even put his hands up! 
Hands are still up! 
Still up! 
See that little hand peaking out?!
Ya, well that was the end of it. It was a really bad choice. Rough, rocky roller coaster. It's a no go for our 3 year old. 
We finished the night with his favorite-the train!
Isn't that the cutest little station?
We hope to go back soon! This was definitely a fun summer night!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let Freedom Ring

We started celebrating Independence Day a day early with t-shirt painting!
and the town's firework show! Hud loved it! This is the first year he liked fireworks. Last year he sat inside and would peak his head out the door every once in a while to look. I'm glad we're over that.
I saw these cute treats on Pinterest and have been wanting to try them. What a better time to try them on the fourth of July?! I saw these cute star marshmallows in a sale ad and knew they'd be the perfect addition for Independence day! So while the boys were building, I was baking/assembling.
They worked so hard and it was so hot. But I'm so thankful for each of them.
I didn't want to put the boys in their cute shirts too early in the day because their messy and I knew we'd be changing clothes by lunch. 
So we wore some other festive clothes until celebration time!
This was another fun Pinterest find-flag shirts. Boys clothes are hard because they aren't as cute as girl clothes. You can add ribbons and bows and frill to make them festive so I'm always looking for good ideas. I loved this one! 
And they do look mighty cute if I do say so myself!
We headed to mom & dad's for a homemade fireworks show (thanks to Hudson the popper thrower and Trent & Ryan for the entertainment) and a cookout!
Then headed to Tulsa for the Freedom Fest show. 
We entertained ourselves while we waited for the fireworks. 
Hay loved the fireworks. He sat just like this the whole time and watched. I imagine next year he won't sit still because he'll be running around like a wild man :)
Happy Birthday America!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hayden Greer {8 months}

Hayden, you are eight months old!
You weight about 18 lbs and I haven't measured your height lately!
You wear 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
Everywhere we go (church, restaurants, stores) people are always commenting about how you are the happiest baby they've ever met. I love that about you. You really are so smiley and happy.

We are currently getting questions about if you are girl (when you're obviously wearing blue) because of all of that hair. We are NOT cutting it soon. I'm sorry that people ask that, but I love your hair and how it flips out on the ends and gets all wavy. It's stinkin adorable. Just like you! 
You LOVE to eat! You still pretty much want a bottle/nurse about every 2 hours. Even when we increase how much you eat at a time, you don't seem sustained for any longer. Oh well, what can I say? You're a boob man.

You love to eat food to. I think you're addicted to puffs. You eat all of your fruits and veggies really well except peas. You make awful faces when you eat them, but she usually swallow them down anyway. Thank you for that. It makes mommy feel better. You eat bananas, applesauce, avocado, green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, and I'm sure others I've forgotten. 

You chew on everything! We think you're going to get teeth soon, but who knows. We've thought that for a while now and still none yet!
We have been laying you down in bed at night awake (around 9-9:30) and letting you go to sleep on your own! That has been working really well! You are finally sleeping most of the night! Most of the time you will wake up between 5-6 and eat and go back to sleep until 7:30. Occasionally it doesn't go that way, but for the most part you are doing so much better! You always nap about 9:30 and 2. Depending on those naps you might have some other small ones.

You are crawling around like a crazy man. There is so scooting or army crawling around here. It's full blown crawling wherever you want to go! Your favorite places are the dog bowls in the kitchen and the bathroom and your brother's room. 

You also pull yourself up on everything! You are just starting to figure out how to get back down. 

You are still our cuddle baby, you love blankets and anything soft!

You are starting to talk more, oohs and ahhs and goo and gaa. You don't talk a ton, but you seem to talk more each day. You're too busy to stop & talk!
Your brother is SO protective over you. He'll cry when people say that they want to take him home or if he's not going somewhere with us. He loves you and I love that. But you are now getting into his room and wanting to play his toys so there are those "not sweet" times between you. He just isn't quite sure about this sharing gig. We have our good days and bad days but every day he still loves you.

Mommy and daddy love you too. You are so fun and loving and happy. I can't imagine life any different than with you and Hud. We love you both so very much! I can't wait to see what's in store for your next month! We love you Hay baby! Happy Birthday!