Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pawnee Fair

Everyday is a new adventure in Kindergarten and yesterday was no exception. Our adventure was a big trip to the Pawnee Fair! This is not exactly like any other fair I have ever been to. There are no rides, no fried foods, and no giant crowds of people. This fair is contained in only 3 buildings! One for the contests like the kids art, food, quilts, photography, etc. The other 2 are for the animals-one big building for all the animals and another small one where some cows were being housed! The kids loved it! They loved seeing all the animals and getting to touch some of them!
This is one of my students with his goat. His dad was showing it there and he was so excited to go check on them! He told me about it for days before we went!
If Marley and Rylee were goats this would be them. They were the only ones making a lot of noise and trying to get out of their cage. Everyone else sat in their cages so nicely!
Bad hair day anyone?
This was right after he crowed for us!
The kids saw this egg being laid! They were so excited that it really happened!

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Della said...

I love seeing kids work with animals! I raise goats and it's so much fun to see kids interact with them. :)