Friday, September 4, 2009

Long Weekend & Thank You

I'm so thankful that the long weekend is finally here! We have been anticipating all that it will, friends, relaxing, and hopefully a lot of progess on the baby room!
Does anyone have big plans this weekend? Traveling, cookouts, etc.?
Ryan is super excited about the first OSU game of the season tomorrow! He went out and bought us BEAT GEORGIA shirts for the occasion! I love fall and football season too so I'm excited that it is finally getting underway! Stillwater is already packed full of people and ORANGE is everywhere! It's such a cool environment on game weekends and it's fun to see everyone out, having a good time, and most importantly supporting Cowboy football!
It's time to go get some things done around the house and cook dinner. I'm trying a new pork chop recipe so I'll let you know how it goes! But first I have to say a big THANK YOU to Ryan's friend Steve! He works at Pottery Barn Kids and sent us this sweet gift in the mail!
I had to take a picture of the wrapping because it's adorable!
This is what was wrapped inside, the softest and most precious little blanket. I hope you can tell how soft it is by the picture. I want to wrap myself up in it but unfortunately it's not my size. Hudson will definitely enjoy staying warm under this wonderful blanket in January!
Again, thank you Steve you did a great job!
I'm so thankful for the amazing supportive people in my life! They have made this new journey so much sweeter and easier for us. So thank you to everyone for your generosity and your kind words. God has truely blessed us!

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