Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Since we found out we are having a baby boy one of the most frequently asked questions is: "What theme are you doing for the room?"
The answer: I'm not really doing a theme. I'm not really into themes. So I picked bedding I liked and I am using that as direction when picking out things for the room. We are going with green and brown and a hint of blue! I found this bedding when searching through what seems to be millions of options online! Luckily there are lots of stores to order it from and Babies R Us carries it so we can register for the extras!
We had planned to paint the baby room this past weekend while we had an extra day off but unfortunately the manufacturers were behind and didn't ship out the fabric samples until it was too late. It's a good thing that we waited because we would have been off on colors. The colors definitely look different in the picture! Stacia and I went to Lowe's tonight and found a successful match for each of the colors we need! We have the room all drawn out like we want it so all we have to do is paint and assemble the room! Ha, if only it were that simple!
Anyone designing, painting, redecorating any of their rooms? It's always fun to have a nice change!
Happy decorating!

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