Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Labor Day weekend! Ryan and I certainly did!
We started the weeekend off with the first Cowboy game of the season! GO POKES!
It was great to see them win and I survived the entire game. I definitely didn't think I was going to at the beginning-it was really hot and being pregnant just seems to add a whole new dimension to the heat! It wasn't much fun at first, but it definitely got better as it went on and it ended on a happy note!
Sunday was a relaxing but productive day! I must say that I have the greatest friends in the world! What would I do without them? Ryan and I were going to clean the carpets since we were expecting a furniture delivery, but Ryan ended up going into work early so I was going to do it and if I didn't get finished let him help when he got off. But my sweet friends wouldn't let me do that all by myself. So they came over and helped me vaccuum, dust and steam clean the carpets! They are so awesome and Ryan and I are so blessed! The carpets look great and even better with the new furniture on them! (see pictures below)
It was so nice waking up this morning and knowing I had one last day to relax before the weekend was officially over. We have 27 more school days until our next break so I definitely enjoyed it as much as possible! My sweet family came up this morning to bring my new furniture! I'm so thankful that I could save the $100 delivery fee and instead get to have breakfast with the family and spend time with them! Once Ryan got off work we headed to the city with the best friends to hit some stores! The mall was a little crowded and Ryan really hates going but he toughed it out and we found some good deals! We also stocked up at Sam's and purchased a bookshelf for the baby room at Target! It was a successful shopping trip and now we are set for another busy week!

We got a steal of a deal on this sectional! I went to Mathis Brothers to compare prices and ended up walking out with the receipt for this wonderful furniture! Luckily Ryan trusted me enough to make the decision without him and he was happy with it when he saw it all set up this morning!
It's a nice change from the burgandy couches and I even found some great deals on new curtains to brighten up the room!

So in a nutshell that was our big weekend! Nice and relaxing but very productive! I'm extremely ready for fall and hopes it comes to visit us soon! Cool winds, colorful leaves, and warm sweaters please make your way to Oklahoma! It's time for a nice break from the heat!

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