Sunday, November 1, 2009

November is here!

It's November! I like this month! We have lots of great things going on! It also means Halloween is over so I won't be hearing, "Is tomorrow Halloween?" anymore! Now we get to learn about Thanksgiving and turkey and remembering to be grateful!
By the way check out the photo below of Jackie and I in our costumes! I was a chef/baker/cook or whatever else my kids decided it could be named. I really wanted to make a shirt to wear that said "Bun in the oven" but I just didn't have time! Luckily I had this apron my mother-in-law made me to throw on and I borrowed some cooking/baking utensils and Ayden's cute hat from a friend!
So thankful it was an easy costume to throw together! I'm not much for Halloween; dressing up just isn't my favorite thing to do.

In other news, pray for Ryan. He has been sick since Wednesday night. Poor guy just really isn't himself and doesn't have a lot of energy. He is going back to work today but is already looking for someone to help cover his work since he still just doesn't feel up to it. I'm praying he will recover soon and get back to being healthy, energetic Ryan. I like that guy much better :)
Praying you have a healthy and happy November!

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