Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deal of the Day!

Ryan and I were at Wal-mart tonight when we happened to venture by the Halloween clearance isle. Of course I spotted the baby things and had to look for anything Hudson might be able to wear next Halloween and I found it! The best part was that the original price was $3 and the sign said up to 90% off. I figured it would be worth it to carry it up to the cash register and figure out how much it was actually was since "up to" can be a catchy statement. I am glad I did, what a great deal! A whole 30 cents! I mean who can complain about that?!

Anyway, it might be worth looking at the Halloween clearance next time you visit Wal-mart!
You never know what cheap deals you may find. Ryan walked out with some candy corn so I think he was just as happy! ha

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