Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dresser and Diaper Changing!

We are getting so much closer to having Hudson's room complete!
Last night we made one of our last big purchases for the room, his dresser!
I'm so excited to finally have this so his clothes can get organized!

This is the view of the dresser wall.

The light shines right above his dresser so it made for a weird picture, but here it is up close!

Diaper changing station!
His diaper changing pad and a basket to hold all of the necessary diaper essentials.

The wall above the dresser-doesn't it look amazing?!
So thankful for the awesome people who painted it :)

Another view of the whole dresser area!
This definitely makes his room look more complete! I feel like we are getting so close!
A few more essentials and a baby and we will be all set!

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