Saturday, November 21, 2009

32 Weeks and Baby Bedding!

I am so behind on posts this week! It has been so crazy with a middle of the week football game and all! So I'm combining posts to save time! Beware there are lots of pictures below!

Wednesday was my official 32 weeks! Things have been going pretty well!
No major changes, Hudson is just growing and growing which means I am just growing and growing! I am now raiding Ryan's closet for t-shirts to wear around the house because mine are all too short and don't cover my belly! Hudson now weighs about 3 3/4 pounds and is probably around 17 inches long! The coolest thing I read on my weekly baby e-mail is that he now has toenails and fingernails-so excited to hold those little and fingers and toes!
I have definitely noticed that I am starting to slow down. I don't walk my normal fast speed and my lower back is starting to not appreciate this extra weight so much. But it's nothing terrible and I think I can manage for a few more weeks, well more like 8!

Anyway, we ordered and recieved our baby bedding this week and I LOVE IT!
Here are a few (actually quite a few) pictures of it!

The outside (above) and inside (below) of the bumper.

Throw pillows-these will be moved to the rocker once we have that.

The diaper stacker which will be so nice to help store diapers in.

The quilt and inside of the crib.

This is what his bed wall looks like from standing in front of his closet.
Hopefully soon I will post a whole room tour so you can see it all finished!

Now that we have the bedding the room looks pretty complete.
Yesterday Ryan said, "Now all we need is a baby!"
He is getting so excited as am I!

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