Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Music & Jesus

This weekend Ryan and I got to go visit some of our favorite friends! They are grad students at Baylor and Katie is the resident chaplain for a dorm on campus. They live in a cute little apartment in the dorm and we got to experience the dorm life for the weekend! Ryan wanted to know if Katie planned on teaching music and Jesus when she graduated, thus the title of this post.
We have this awesome tradition that for each Baylor v. OSU basketball/football games we get together. Even though they cheer for the opposing team we still love them!
It is great to spend time with them and I love our fun tradition!

It was Baylor's homecoming so Saturday morning we got to see the longest and oldest collegiate homecoming parade! And they are right it was long, we had to leave early so we could make it to the game on time!
But the boys enjoyedquite a few donuts before the parade and that kept them happy!

We saw some great floats, entertaining people and of course the bear!

I couldn't catch a picture of "Sic Em" because the trainers were standing in the way, but I had to get a picture of this black bear for my students since it is our mascot!

Anyway, a huge thanks to our sweet friends for taking such good care of us this weekend! Thank you for the delicious food, the comfortable place to stay, the laughs, and the memories! We can't wait to see you all in January when Hudson gets here! He is going to love you all just as much as we do! Thank you for being such great friends and hosts!

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