Monday, November 23, 2009

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Guess what is now located in the grand city of Stillwater?!
Nothing other than a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!!
Yesterday was the Grand Opening so Ryan and I walked downtown (Yes, it is within walking distance of our house) to enjoy it. It is always a treat to visit this store when we hit the slopes in Colorado each year so it's weird now having it in our own town to go visit whenever we want! And probably kinda scary too...

I enjoyed these delicious treats-part of a peanut apple (the rest of which is waiting for me in the fridge) and a chocolate covered strawberry.
Both were very delicious!

Ryan of course would choose ice cream! He is the biggest ice cream fan!
Anyway all of you Stillwater friends will definitely have to go try it out! 
It place makes for a delicious treat every once in a while!

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