Sunday, November 22, 2009

Senior Night

Thursday night was our last home football game for 2009, but was more special than that was that it was Senior Night! The seniors for the band and the football team were recognized and Ryan marched for his last time in Boone Pickens Stadium.  His mom, dad and sister came to the game to see him and we had a great time and luckily pulled out the win too!
Here are a few pictures of his special night!

Ryan and his mom after his last pre-game concert.

The game was parachuted in if you look closely you can see one of the three parachutes entering the stadium.

Right before the singing of the alma mater they called the seniors to the front of the field and recognized them and they sang the alma mater together.

Cassie and Morton-I think this is his tired face. He gets up really early in the morning for work so he had a long day!

My sweet sister in law and I!

Cassie and her mom!

Ryan and I on the field after his last post game concert!

I just have to brag on him for a minute and say that I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard to be in the band and put in so many hours above and beyond what is required! I know how passionate he is about marching band and I know he is going to miss it so much! I am so proud of all of his hard work and dedication to this program! He represents the OSU marching band proudly and I know that will never go away! He will always be one of their biggest fans!

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