Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Well the infamous Black Friday has come and gone...
Here is a little photo story of our family's fun day.

It started very early on the day after Thanksgiving with a 5am wake-up to make a "run" to our favorite store-Target! I say "run" because there is no running when you stand in a line for more than an hour to checkout! The line wrapped the entire store by the time we had gotten there and they had only been open about an hour.
But despite standing in a line hot, hungry, and very sleepy we walked away with some great deals and had some good laughs Especially about funny fashion items like this vest that Abby is sleepily sporting.

After a nap and a litle family time we went to mine and Hudson's baby shower thrown by these lovely Hatch ladies! A seperate post will come about this later, but we were so incredibly blessed and I'm so thankful!

We had our family Thanksgivng dinner with our Grandparents in the evening and got pictures together for family Christmas cards. Here are my awesome parents and baby brother and sister!

We ended our eventful day at the movies seeing "The Blind Side" It was quite a sight at the movies; Trent was being "security" for the young ones who were getting a little to touchy feely. But despite the akward young ones, the movie was GREAT! I totally recommend everyone seeing it. I would definitely give it 5 stars!

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