Saturday, November 14, 2009

Toy Rivalry

On this bottom of Hudson's bookshelf is this basket of toys and stuffed animals....

This morning I was cleaning the bathroom when I heard a high pitched song noise and I knew it couldn't be my phone. So I walked out into the living room to see what it could be. I was surprised to see Rylee sitting on the living room floor patting one of the toys with her paw making it sing. Apparently she knew that it was going to to talk to her and she wanted to hear it. Luckily when I grabbed it from her it had no damage, but a bit of dog slobber from where she had carried it from one room to another. Again this afternoon I had his bedroom door open because I was putting some things away in his room and again found her sneaking it out the door. I guess I am going to have to label the toy baskets and distinguish better between dog and baby toys. This could cause some definite jealousy when Hudson gets here and actually starts playing with these.

The sweet little blue toy is Rylee's toy of choice. You can see it has little polka dots on the side and it says "press." When you press it, the cheeks light up with red dots! Apparently she thinks it's for her. Maybe that means it's time for a new dog toy?

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