Sunday, July 1, 2012

Office Remodel

Our spare bedroom as always been our office, storage and guest room. But with another little one on the way we’ve been getting creative with what to do with a room full of stuff! A lot of the things we can donate, sell, etc. But the office is really important! We need a space to pay bills, use the computer, work on school things, etc. SO I had to pick a new spot in the house. Once I measured it and figured out how to make it work I went on the hunt for the perfect size desk. Something CHEAP that I could work with.
And here it is! My sister worked at a garage sale and this was left over and going in the dumpster. Good thing she called me because it was the exact size I needed and it was FREE!
I sanded, primed and painted it this green that was left over from Hud’s room.
It was pretty pea soup green and I needed to darken it up a bit so I added black glaze that was left over from my dining room table makeover. (Notice that this project hasn’t cost me any money yet!)
Then I went to Hobby Lobby in search of some cute knobs to replace the boring ones! Aren’t they precious?!
It’s now all set up in place and we have reorganized our office supplies so they are no longer in the baby room! This whole project cost me $17. $10 for the knobs and $7 for a poly to protect it from water (since it’s in the kitchen and all). Everything else I had on hand!
One project down and 17 million more to go!
{Kidding, kind of}

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