Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hudson's Room Tour (final)

Over Christmas we picked up the final pieces to Hudson's room so now I can give a complete tour! So here it is...the grand tour. Enjoy!

This is the view as you open his door. My secret pal at work got me this awesome calendar with stickers to make it easy to mark special days in Hudson's life. And did you notice his Cowboy boots? He already has his first pair so he can wear them with his dad!

This is the view of his room from the door. Don't the circles on the walls look amazing?

His crib and rug on the floor and below are closer views of his bedding and crib.

I call this his reading and cuddling corner. Can't wait to snuggle up with him in this rocker and read him a good book :)

These are the paintings that hang above the rocker. I picked out the verse and my sister painted them for me. She is way more talented than I and they turned out so good! And I just love this verse, it's perfect!

The pictures above and below are his dresser and changing station. I also love the cute sticker saying that hangs above his dresser.

Well that is the grand tour! His room is 100% ready I think! 

In other news...yesterday was an exciting day, we got to tour and do our Pre-Admission for the hospital! We toured the labor and delivery floor and answered lots of questions and completed tons of paperwork! It definitely feels more official now that we have actually been to the hospital and seen where our baby will be born. Now we are just waiting around wondering what day he will decide to make his entrance!


Kendra said...

This is by far the cutest baby room I have ever seen. Thank you for letting us have a sneak peak. Can't wait for your little boy to come into this world.

bathmate said...

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE the room! Ben didn't have a completed bedroom until he was 6 months old! Of course, we moved in when I was 8 months pregnant, and I had to get the rest of the house unpacked!

One thing that my eye travels to every time is that one circle in the corner that's not completed on the adjoining wall. I don't know why it goes there every time, I think it's because it does the same thing in the other corner, and it's completed. Can I come over and complete that circle for you!? :)