Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two {and a half}

Today is Hudson’s half birthday so I wanted to post about all that he is up to! I know it has changed a lot since he turned two and will change a lot more before he turns three, so here goes!

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You wear 2T shirts and jammies but mostly 18-24 month pants/shorts. You wear a size 7 shoe and size 5 diaper.

You are 36 inches tall and I’m guessing about 29 pounds.

You are still a really great eater. You really LOVE breakfast and usually eat a granola bar and a bowl of cereal every morning. You are usually ready for a snack about an hour later. You are not a great lunch eater (you just eat a few bites), but eat a great dinner and always snack after naptime. You have foods that you really love like rice, beans, tacos, cottage cheese, salad and chips. But you mostly everything. You definitely don’t like bananas and have recently decided to not like pickles.

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You talk all day long about everything you are doing and about what everyone else is doing. You love to watch people and are very observant then you like to ask questions about what they are up to. You always want to know where everyone is like “Where’d grandma go?” Right now you are really into calling me mama. I think it’s super cute! You don’t EVER stop talking! Ok maybe when you are playing shy around new people.

You have a great sleep schedule. You go to bed around 8:30 but we have been a little lenient on that this summer. You are usually awake by 8am and nap at 2 each day. You still nap for two hours and I am SO thankful for that! You are a bear when you don’t get a good nap! Your favorite thing to do before nap or bedtime is “lay on the couch.” You beg to have a few minutes before you go to bed.

You are really NOT into potty training right now and that’s ok. I’m hoping and praying that you will decide to before the new baby, but you I’m not pushing when you aren’t ready. You HATE wearing underwear even though you picked it out yourself and only want to sit on the potty for 2.1 seconds. Oh well, it’ll happen when you’re ready.

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You are into a few movies lately-Toy Story, Cars, and Finding Nemo. You are also in LOVE with Thomas the Train.

You love to play outside, dig in the dirt and help water the “rass.” You could blow bubbles for hours and you are never ready to go inside.

DSC_0745 copy

Your favorite inside toys are definitely your car (which really is an outside toy), your guitars, and your trains & cars. You love to read books and your Bible. You pretend to put your stuffed animals to bed by reading them a Bible story, turning on your music and shutting them in your room. You are really good at playing by yourself around the house, but LOVE when your aunts or uncles come over and play in your room with you.

You are definitely having fits in your “terrible twos” and we have our moments of battle. When you get upset you will hit or kick, but you are learning that it’s not ok. It’s definitely a process and we’ll get through it.


You love to “write” to Gigi and Pops! Anytime daddy or I try to write you spell your name for us. You can count almost to 10 when you focus and do it! It’s hilarious to hear you count on your own though because you’re always skipping numbers like “4,5,13” ha!

The sweetest thing about you is your concern for others. You have a very sensitive side and you really care. You get upset when someone is sad and love to pray for people. Every night you say thank you for a list of things and it’s so honest and sweet.

The biggest change to your life right now is getting ready for your baby brother. You have days where you want to talk about and sound excited and days that you do NOT! But that is definitely expected. I know you will be a great big brother because you are so caring, but it will definitely take some adjusting to for you!


Daddy and I love you MORE than you will ever ever know!


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