Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For vacation this summer we took a little last minute trip to Branson. We had planned to go to Virginia & DC but things are busy and we just couldn’t pull it all together. Branson ended up being a great little trip though!
The first evening we arrived we got checked into our rooms, ate some Fuddruckers and then hit the Landing to see the water show (note the crazy coloring).
And it wouldn’t be a complete trip without having to visit Bass Pro several times.
We kept our sweet boy out pretty late and he was TIRED! He held daddy’s hand and fell asleep on the drive to our hotel.
The view from mom & dad’s balcony.
We stayed right on the water so each morning the boys would go fishing for several hours. Hud, mom & I would hang around, eat breakfast, get dressed, take bubble baths and watch movies with H.
We spent our second day at Silver Dollar City playing in toy trains and riding the real train.
The trains are really the only thing H cares about (anywhere).
The boys rode some roller coasters, we ate some delicious food and watched some good shows!
When we finished up at SDC we grabbed some pizza at Mr. G’s. It’s a local place downtown and very smoky inside, but it has YUMMY pizza!
We also had to make a quick stop at Target and Hud picked up some new shades! We finished up our second day by laying around the hotel room and watching Thunder basketball!
And to avoid making this post super lengthy, I’ll be back later to post about the rest of our trip!

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SarahBearah said...

What a fun and relaxing trip! David's parents gave all us "kids" passes to SDC for Christmas and we still need to use them, maybe at the end of summer before going back to school and then again when it starts to get Christmasy in Branson! :) Where did you all stay?