Friday, July 20, 2012

Porter Peaches

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I’ve always heard about the peach capital of Oklahoma and they’re festival so this year we decided to check it out ourselves. It was definitely much more small and quaint than I expected, but we also went on a weeknight and most of the activities are this weekend.

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Before heading to the festival we stopped at the orchard. Livesay is one of my favorites, we take our Kinders each year and it’s nothing short of AMAZING for them! In the fall we visit the pumpkin playland, pick our own pumpkins, and have a hayride. I can’t wait to take H this fall since I know he’s old enough to enjoy these events!


Because it’s not the right season we just visited the market for some fresh peaches and other produce. We ended up with green beans, potatoes, peach BBQ sauce(yum), and enough peaches to share with all of the 918 I’m sure!


We turned back to see Hudson eating a peach before we even left the parking lot.


It was definitely hot, but we kept cool in the misters. This is Hud’s reaction!


They have lots of carnival food and crafts to enjoy! We enjoyed a big lemonade and burgers!

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And Hud and daddy enjoyed some Jupiter jumps and slides!

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And right when we were ready to leave we spotted the…


train! And there was no escaping without a ride.

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So we dug to the bottom of mommy’s purse for enough change for a ride. (did I mention we made it there and I had forgotten cash? Oops!)And somebody was excited!

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He just couldn’t take his eyes off “Thomas” and didn’t stop talking about it either. I don’t think he could say "train” or “Thomas” one more time while we were there.

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He was in train heaven and waited so patiently for our turn to ride.

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He chose to ride the caboose! We had a nice “small town” time and Hud would definitely tell you that he had fun! And I’m most excited about our bucket full of Porter peaches! Better get to that cobbler!

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