Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Just a few pictures of some things we’ve been up to this weekend.

photo (67)

We went swimming with daddy and Hud did some cuddling and watched Thomas. I also made peach cobbler from our Porter peaches and it was SO yummy!


We spent today with family celebrating Aunt Cassie’s birthday! We sure do love her!

photo (68)

Hud also took his cousins to his favorite splash pad!

photo (69)

And they enjoyed it just as much as he did!

photo (70)

We’ve also been working on some projects for Hayden’s room! We are now beginning our last real week of freedom (and trying to get SO much done) before we have to get back into school mode. I’m trying to get my brain into all things Kindergarten. It’s a hard transition, I’m SO enjoying summer! I guess I better get ready, August is coming on fast! Where did summer go?

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