Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Branson (cont.)

I’m continuing yesterday’s post about our trip to Branson. I didn’t want it to be so lengthy!


We visited the fish hatchery, the family went swimming while Hud and I napped, and we made a quick stop at the outlets.


We met up with some long time friends for dinner at Danna’s BBQ. It was really good!


While my parents visited with friends we walked back to The Track so the guys could ride go carts.


Hud was just too small (and probably too scared) to ride any of the kiddie carts so we just watched daddy and Jon ride.


The guys continued to fish every morning and Hudson was always SO excited when they got back!


On our last day in Branson we headed back to SDC. Can I just take a moment to say that this picture makes me look HUGE!


The guys took the cave tour so Hudson played in the train again, rode the real train and


played with toys like legos, blocks, and even sand. It was Kids Fest so there are lots of extra kiddie things to do!


We spent more time in the different kids areas and Hudson was just tall enough to ride, however he really didn’t want to. He was NOT going to go by himself and was not interested in the things daddy could ride with him. (I’m afraid he’s going to be a roller coaster chicken like his mama).


He was perfectly content to play in Geyser Gulch shooting water, vacuuming balls,and going down the slides and that’s ok too!


Before heading home we stopped in Springfield for our favorite cashew chicken and a visit with Gigi & Pops. It was so nice to have a change of scenery for a few days and spend time together as a family, but it was also so nice to go home. Hudson had a BLAST! I know that because he is still talking about the hotel and Silver Dollar City! But he was SO excited to be home too. He immediately dumped out his toys and ran around the house saying “Hudsee happy.” I think he missed his bed and his room :)

Happy Fourth! We’re going to wake up daddy so we can get to celebrating!

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