Sunday, December 6, 2009


The Christmas trees have been up for about a week now at our house and they are definitely putting us into the spirit! I think we have watched parts of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation almost every night this week and of course Elf has been played several times too!
I love this holiday and most importantly the reason we celebrate it, JESUS! So our house is all decorated and ready to celebrate the greatest birthday of all!
Here are a few pictures of our decor.

A few of details of our tree.

We usually rearrange the furniture to put the tree in our front window, but this year we have new furniture and with my big belly it's just too much work. So we settled with moving out an end table and putting it in this corner.

This is the tree in the office/guest room. It's a sports theme with orange and black to go with the theme of the room. It has basketballs and golf ball ornaments and I would like to find some football ones to but Hobby Lobby hasn't had any that I liked.

Our stockings-the two little ones are for Marley and Rylee. We usually get them a bone or something around the holidays, but we can't put them in their stockings because Marley can reach these and would have them out in only a few short minutes. They will just have to wait until Christmas.
 May be always remember the most important reason we celebrate and not get caught up in the wordly traditions of this holiday. Hope you are enjoying this wondeful season of the year!

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gparentslodrhz said...

Glad all the "wordly" pieces/parts has not gotten ahold of you guys, "Jesus is the reason for the season".