Monday, December 7, 2009

Stillwater Friends Baby Shower

So yesterday I was blessed with a shower thrown by 2 great friends!
It was so great to get some great people from Stillwater together, many of which I haven't seen in way too long! I am so thankful for everyone who was able to make it. It was such a nice time to catch up and of course get to see me lugging around this big belly-most of the people that made it I hadn't seen since they found out I was pregnant!

A huge thanks to Sarah and Stacia for hosting, they are wonderful friends!

Isn't this diaper wreath cute?! Sarah had seen the diaper cake I got at a previous shower and so she wanted to do something different. She, with the help of Camryn, put this together for Hudson and I. It's filled with lots of fun goodies that Hudson will need too!

Isn't this Boppy adorable?! I love the elephant pattern!

And look at this? Would you believe that I have such great friends who got this for me and have been keeping it a secret for 3 months?! I'm so incredibly grateful and can't say thank you enough. Actually I don't really think I said anything at all because I was pretty overwhelmed by it. They are just too good to me and I hope I'm just as good of friend as they are!
Anyway, more than all of the gifts that we so needed for Hudson I was just so thankful to see such wonderful people that I have worked with, gotten to know through OSU or were old friends that I haven't seen in too long. It was nice just to be in their company and chat and hang out with them. A huge thank you to all of my sweet friends who made it! I'm so incredibly blessed to have each of you in my life! Thanks again for being so wonderful!

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Stephanie said...

You and your family are so loved! We're so excited to see you beautiful boy! You do such a wonderful job at making everything around you beautiful! Your kids will live in a idyllic fairy tale home. Hugs from us to you!