Wednesday, December 16, 2009

36 Weeks!

We are officially less than a month away! Can you believe it? I am now 9 months or 36 weeks pregnant! Hudson should now weigh somewhere around 6 pounds and is gaining weight everyday. He should weigh about as much as this melon! I can definitely tell he is growing by how much my belly is growing and how hungry I am! Ha! As of last week my belly measured 35cm which is 9cm more than the first time I was measured 10 weeks ago. He is definitely sitting in some pretty crazy ways in my stomach and it often is pretty obvious where he is. Most of the time my belly looks lopsided and you can usually feel his feet pushing on my belly.
Anyway, we are now about to begin our weekly appointments at the doctor's office and will be watching to see how things progress. We are definitely getting so excited and ready! His nursery is ready, stocked with diapers and all, his bags are packed and his carseat is put together and waiting! I know we still have a while, but I want to be prepared for whatever may happen!

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Bethany said...

Oh Amber you look so cute! I'm so excited for you guys!!