Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today I accepted a job! I am so excited about this big change! I am going to be teaching Kindergarten! It is a huge jump from fifth grade but I am so excited to experience and try something new. I have been wanting to try a different grade just to get a feel of what I really want to teach forever (because we all know teachers don't retire until they are like 80 ha) so I think this will be the perfect opportunity!
Here is kind of how the whole thing played out (for those who are interested to know details)...
I went to an interview Friday morning in BA. I was excited about the prospect of moving closer to home and the family, but was a little anxious about the timing of it all. A few hours later I got a call of a second interview! I was really excited by then and really hoped that if this is what God wanted us to do then it would work out. Saturday I was getting ready to go take my Early Childhood certification test when I get a call from the principal at Pawnee. I had interviewed with her a few weeks ago so she was calling to see if I had found anything yet because she had a job come open. She was pretty excited to know that I hadn't and that I was about to be certified in Pre-K & K. She ended up calling me back on Tuesday and we had a long talk about the job, concerns, opportunities etc. I was pretty confident about our conversation and knew that God was working something out; it just felt right. Today we spoke again and she told me to tell the other principals who were contacting me that I was "taken!" I loved that she put it that way! It made me smile!
So anyway now I am moving on to a whirlwind of the next few weeks with trainings, meetings, and setting up my classroom for the first day of school for 14 (or so) little 5 year olds! I can't wait to see their bright shining faces and get to know them and grow with them! I know that this was totally God's will and I feel so relieved that I am where I am supposed to be. Fall is going to bring lots of great things our way! We are just so blessed to serve an awesome God!
I know Ryan and I were somewhat hopeful to be closer to the family this year but the move would have been so quick and a little stressful that we know this is what is best for us. We get to be in the same town as our best friends and we really aren't that far from the family!

So it's off to another busy school year, but first we are spending a relaxing and fun weekend in Dallas with the family for Robert & Alicia's wedding! We are so excited for them and can't wait to congratulate them as they take the next big step in their lives!

Have a great weekend all! I will be back to update when we get back (hopefully I will find the time)!
P.S. Does anyone want to come work in my classroom?!


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