Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Florida:Days 1 & 2

Most of days 1 & 2 were spend in the car. We packed up the car and headed out on Father's Day after the church and lunch festivities. We are pretty good at entertaining ourselves in the car since most of our vacations in life have consisted of long drives. We entertained ourselves with movies, iPods, books, phone calls to family (gotta love the parrot so we can all join in the conversation), and of course my dad's favorite Roy Mercer. Day one we drove all the way to Birmingham Alabama and stayed the night there.
This is a picture of the gang hanging out on the highway near Tupelo Mississippi. There was a semi truck turned on its side laying across the highway so we were stuck. We decided to hang out and stretch our legs while we waited.

We finally arrived at our destination in Florida on Monday evening. We tried to beat my uncle Jon there but with some direction problems they pulled into the driveway just before we did. We were within a matter of minutes from them which was pretty cool since they left from New York and we left from Oklahoma on Sunday.
Once we got there we took a tour of Joe's house and hung out for a bit before finally deciding where to eat! We chose this great burger place called Five Guys. It was delicious and we were stuffed! Once we finished eating we went back to Joe's to relax in the pool. Unfortunately those pictures are on Abby's camera. I guess I should get those from her!

Hopefully this week I can get therest of the trip posted!

I want to hear about everyone else's fun summer vacations too!

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