Thursday, July 9, 2009

Florida: Days 5 & 6

Day 5: Cocoa Beach
This was aout an hour away from where we were so we headed out in the early afternoon packed and ready for the beach! We hit Ron Jon before we walked down to the beach. Got a few souveniers, some which will never be seen again because they accidently got thrown in the trash :(

Here is Ryan on the board trying to stay standing.
Next Jon gives it a try!
The boys covered Abby in sand! YUCK!
Ryan and I admiring the beautiful ocean!
Day 6: Leaving and New Orleans
We had to get up early Friday morning and be on our way. It was sad to go but we are already planning our next trip and are excited to go back. We took a different route home than we did on the way there. Dallas' parents asked us if we would like to drive through New Orleans and pick up his car since it has been sitting at the baseball stadium since he had to go to Florida.
While we were there my dad took us to experience what Bourbon Street was really like!
It was definitely an experience and I don't have any need to go back!
One thing I really enjoyed about the French Quarter was the buildings! They have really cool architecture and it was neat to look at all the different buildings. There were a lot of them that had not been fixed up since the hurricanes. Below you can see part of a building but I have a lot more cool building pictures that I didn't share here!
Here we are standing in the middle of all the craziness on Bourbon St.
There are beads everywhere! We found these hanging on the power lines that run down the middle of the road.
Ok, well its off to pack and head out of town again! Two of our favorite friends are getting married this weekend and we can't wait to see them! We love you Steven and Katie!

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