Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Florida: Days 3 & 4

Day 3: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
This is Abby, Jon, Hannah, Maddy, and Ryan
enjoying spinning in circles.
Jon, Dad, and Joe having a great time!
We met Popeye Olive Oyl!
And visited Suessland!
Would anyone like to pick out a Dr. Seuss book? I think they had them all!
After a day at Universal we met Erin, Trent and the youth group at Hard Rock cafe for dinner!
It was almost Trent's birthday so we decided to celebrate!
He had to take his shoes off and stand on the bar. Then our waiter announced it was his birthday while Trent yelled "Hey look at me." It was quite comical!
After Hard Rock we went to the airport to pick up my mom! We won't talk about how much time we spent lost going to and from the airport. But I will tell you that we passed the new Magic Arena at least 3 times!
Florida: Day 4
In the morning we got up to go visit Erin and Trent and see the mission project the youth group was working on. I forgot to post those pictures! They definitely did a lot of hard work and restored a lady's house that looked pretty awful. She was very grateful for their work.
Afterwards we hit the outlet mall. It was one of the best I've ever shopped at! We found lots of great deals and had a blast! We also visited the Bass Pro Shop in Orlando (or I should say the rest of the group did) I wasn't feeling well so I took a nap while they went inside.
That night we decided we were all pretty worn out so we relaxed at Joe's house.
He made his favorite: Sausage, peppers, and rice.
It was fun to sit down to a family style meal together.

Joe must have said something funny while Ryan was taking the picture because we all seem to be laughing. He was our entertainment! We never knew what he would say next!

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