Thursday, June 3, 2010


This week we've been keeping busy!
I started summer school this week, teaching not attending. I've got a group, that's for sure! I have 19 boys and 5 girls. Precious girls. Poor sweet girls that are super out numbered. But things have been going well. We are having fun and it's nice getting to know the kids in older grades (they are 2nd and 3rd graders). After tomorrow we will have our first week down and only 3 more to go. It's flying by!
We wanted take Hudson for his first swim experience this week. But we got all dressed and ready and when we got there the pool was closed.
Both grandma's came to visit this week! Mae Mae for her weekly visit and Richie came to help Aunt Cassie move. So we got to see them both in one day! Talk about one tired Hudson!
And I'm so thanful that Abby is here visiting/living! She's staying with us a lot this summer and I know Hudson is going to love it!
Anyway, we are having a great time! I'm so grateful for time off (sort of) and lots of time with friends and family!

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