Saturday, June 12, 2010

iPhone Envy

Someone loves his momma's iPhone. Mostly for the fact that it is bright and colorful and another something to put in his mouth.
He tries to manipulate my hands when I have it to get it to his mouth.
But don't think for one minute that I actually let it get there. But he does get close!
Since he is so intrigued by it, I decided to use it to entice him to roll over. Is that terrible of me? Poor guy just won't let himself roll all the way over. He truely dislikes nothing more than being on his belly. So he gets to his side and decides he is going back the other way.
But with a little help from mommy we went all the way over and found the phone.
He wasn't happy about this for too long and tried to roll the other way which would have been off the couch. No worries. I'm supervising by sitting on the floor right below him.
He would much rather do this than roll! He loves standing (or squatting in this case).   Anyway, I found a cheap baby cell phone at Wal-Mart. Of course it's not as fun as his mom's! Sorry babe, but it's going to be QUITE A WHILE until you get your own.

On another note, I found my two boys asleep like this tonight!
Apparently this is what watching The Weather Channel does to them. It's a rough life as you can tell.
Ryan moved his arm and H quickly realized he was not happy with this set up! But I rescued the poor guy and he is now sleeping soundly in his crib! Now I'm off to bed before he's up again. We aren't having a consistent sleep pattern this week so I'm not sure what we will be up for tonight! Sweet Dreams!

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