Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Fun

I love relaxing fun Saturdays with my family! We really haven't done anything too exciting, but it was nice just to spend time together. This morning we went and drove around and looked at some garage sales. We didn't find anything good, actually we didn't even stop at the few we saw because they didn't look like they had anything we needed. We went a little late so that's probably why. We also went to Tuesday Morning for the first time. It opened recently and I had completely forgotten about it until we got an ad in the mail today. We found a few good deals! They have lots of good stuff, but it's a little more pricey than I expected it to be! But I have my eye on a few pieces that I will wait to go on clearance, it's my favorite way to shop!
For lunch we made reservations at Chick Fil A to try the new Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Yes, reservations. It was a special promo they were doing to let people try the sandwich before its big debut. So we made reservations online and got to try it for free! It was hot! The kind of hot that you don't realize until you swallow and then it hits you. And then you think it's not too hot so you keep eating and before you know it your mouth is on fire. Burning! That's what happened. It was good, but I definitely don't plan on ordering it again. I'll just stick with my usual!
Ryan had to work tonight so after church Hudson and I just hung out and played. I finally gathered enough AAA batteries from around the house and got every toy singing and talking.  And no I didn't leave anything without batteries, but I am thankful for the random catch all drawers that always seem to have batteries. It saved me a few dollars that I'll be spending once Hudson has worn these out!
Hudson is starting to figure out that he can play with the things and not just stare at them! And of course most of them go straight to his mouth!
I'm so thankful for a relaxing Saturday with my family!
I'm jumping in bed before Hudson wakes up! He slept so good last night and I'm praying for the same tonight! Goodnight!

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