Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Packing and a Play Date

Today some of my awesome friends came over to help me pack! A huge thank you for all of their love and support during this move! I will miss seeing them every school day!
We had a great time chatting, eating pizza, watching the boys play, and packing! I'm so thankful for their help! It would have taken me days to get that kitchen done without them!
These boys crack me up when they are together! They sat in their Bumbos ad Hudson chewed on Ayden's blanket and Ayden played with tape from a box and Hudson's toys!
They also played on the floor. Ayden was grabbing all of Hudson's toys (which is no big deal since the boy has enough to share), so apparently Hudson thought it was appropriate to grab Ayden's pillow.
And now my house is filled with these!
I can't wait to get them out of here and unpacked in a new place!
Please pray that we sell this house soon and that we find the perfect new house!

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